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Don't let the dentists pull out teeth unless you have had 3 different opinions from 3 different dentists that nothing can be done. Some dentists have shares in false teeth/implant manufacturers and other dentists, especially "dental surgeons" want the extra work associated with bridges and implants etc. Don't think that a "dental surgeon" is better than a common dentist. What you need is a good dentist that can keep your original teeth in your mouth. Some Dentists have this idea that pulling out teeth is "treatment". How can that be when it leaves you with a functional disability ? Why don't they just cut off a finger or leg and call that "treatment"? Unless the dentist has presented you with an affordable plan for replacing the unsaveable tooth before they take out the old one, look elsewhere.

I had a front Molar pulled out, 3 dentists and an endodontist said nothing could be done and it was causing all sorts of problems. I am going to have the implant put in but not the titanium one, the Zirconia one, have been waiting for the infection to clear up. These days, the implants are very straightforward. They take a 3d image of your lower teeth and print out a template on a 3d printer. They then fit that template to your lower teeth and it contains a hole to steady the drill over the implant site, they then drill out some gum and place the implant using the hole in the template to guide the drill so it fits exactly where it should.

They usually fit the implant, then the crown at a later time but in some cases, they can do the whole thing in one appointment with one injection.

Don't muck about with dentists, make sure they have the modern equipment like CEREC machines, 3d printers, implant templates and a choice of ceramic, titanium or Zirconia implants and also make sure they have experience in using the new technology. There have been advances in technology which mean you don't have to put up with missing teeth, false teeth or destructive bridges.

If you get stuck with a dentist that is not fitted out with the latest gear, the options for both saving your teeth and replacing them can be limited, primitive, painful, life changing and....unsuccessful.

I've had the front lower Molar, (the third one from the back of the teeth) removed for a few months and it's not terrible now the gum has healed but it is quite noticeable when chewing, I can chew with the 2 back remaining teeth a bit better now but I am now just waiting to get the implant done. When you lose teeth on one side, you tend to favor the other side which means your chewing unevenly over time which is bad for your jaw. 

I tell the dentists that I am a Jazz singer and my teeth are of paramount importance. I do a lot of research to get the right dentist for the right job. Any time a dentist has said a tooth needs to be removed, I seek another 2 opinions and an endodontist as well if necessary. This alone has saved another 2 teeth from being pulled out. Make no mistake, regardless of what they say, some dentists will pull out your teeth unnecessarily. It pays to do the research of your local dentists.

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Root canals make the teeth brittle, and then they break or have some other terminal problem. 2-3 years ago I had #14 (top, fifth one from the front) removed. A bridge won't work, and they wanted $US 4,500.00 out of pocket for an implant. I haven't decided to do it. It's uncomfortable having the gap, and I can't really chew on that side.

Tezza - I saw a specialist who seems well equipped. They'd need to build up the bone first before putting in the screw. That might be why it's so expensive.

In 2003 I had a ladder accident that left one of my top two front teeth sensitive. That would have been a show stopper if I was still playing the clarinet. Fortunately I'd already switched to flute.

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Implants are about $2800 - 3000 Aus here in Australia (if you shop around). If they need to do other work like building up bone, then it can go as high as double that. I have extras cover which is only $30.00 per fortnight, that allows me to have up to $1000.00 a year for "major dental" so what people do is have the implant put in in December ($1000), then it renews in January when they have the Crown put on the implant (another $1000) and they pay another $800 - 1000 which is the out of pocket expense.

Also, many in Australia have "dental holidays" because if you go to India and other Asian countries you can get implants for as low as $250 - $500 Aus total cost. They can do the whole thing in a day but you can't chew on it for 3 months. I only need one but people who need more tend to consider this option. This is not available at the moment because of Covid.

The Australian Dental Association won't recommend dental holidays saying that the treatment might not be up to Australian standards but that is rubbish, I've seen the surgeries, equipment and techniques they use and it is top notch.  The ADA is just trying to keep business in Australia.

There is also another technique for people who may have less bone than optimal, a "micro implant" which is smaller than a full size dental implant so it needs less bone to grip on to. They don't recommend them for Molars but for upper frontal teeth they can be used. It definitely pays to do your own research to get answers and don't just take the advice of one Dentist.

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On 1/4/2021 at 11:25 AM, bayoubill said:

At the Dentist 

Everyone in the waiting room are wearing masks staring into their phones and not talking . 


                                                                 Across town it is a different story at this dental office.




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