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RIP Sean Connery


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Very sad, he was one of my favorite actors. Just read a piece that summed up his interpretation of Bond perfectly:

"As Bond, his debonair manner and wry humor in foiling flamboyant villains and cavorting with beautiful women belied a darker, violent edge, and he crafted a depth of character that set the standard for those who followed him in the role. He would introduce himself in the movies with the signature line, "Bond — James Bond."


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My first Bond film was Gold finger . I was 10 when it came out and the way I got to see it was a babysitter took me and my 2 brothers to see it at a movie theater..

WOW what a Movie ...that was no Leave it to Beaver or Denise the Menace junk like I was stuck watching at home back then  .....whew what an eyeopener ....

Have you ever watched a Bond Movie as an adult ? we all have right ? how do you feel when he gets to the part when Q hands him all the techno Bond toys and you realize Hey ! I got most of that stuff myself ...Yeah I remember how when I was young how I fantasized having mini recorders , spy pens, mini cameras , An Aston Martin , and a whole bunch of other stuff ...lol  

Some of the non Bond roles Sir Sean Connery played were pretty darn Iconic in their own right...

The Rock , The Hunt For Red October , Finding Forester , Entrapment are a few of my non Bond Faves ...Yet there are many others that may have eclipsed the ones I happen to like ...ex Indiana  Jones movies  and The Untouchables  ...

I have been thinking about Sir Sean Connery  since I have found out about his passing .

In my mind he was always a super cool dude . As far as how he aged and carried himself Sir Sean Connery wrote the book. .......

RIP Sean Connery ! There Will Never Be Another You





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