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BREVERB2 Cakewalk VS ProChannel's Breverb

Robert Bone

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Hey - quick question.  

I have a project with a bus where I had inserted Breverb2 Cakewalk, prior to discovering the Breverb2 module that is part of the ProChannel.

SO - I notice that a preset that I had saved in the Breverb2 Cakewalk (from the FX Bin), does not appear in the presets available to the ProChannel's Breverb module.

Further, there doesn't seem a way to save presets from settings in the ProChannel's Breverb2 module.

It would appear that there are two separate save paths for presets, and that is further complicated by the ones I DO save, in the Breverb2 Cakewalk VST, not being able to be selected if I try to access them in the ProChannel's Breverb2, and lastly, not being able to save presets from settings I like from the ProChannel's Breverb2 is a bit of a pain.

Any solutions to the above?

Bob Bone


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No PC modules save presets. The way to save presets in the PC is to save the whole channel.

From what I can tell, the BREVERB2 PC module uses the same C:\ProgramData\Overloud\BREVERB 2 Cakewalk\factory-presets.db but unlike the regular plug-in, the drop down above the reverb type contains 128 slots not associated with the reverb type selector. IOW, the PC module can only show a maximum of 128 presets. The preset drop down is populated by selecting unique names from the presets table in the database ordered by the contentid column with the exception of one preset containing ellipsis.

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