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There's nothing childish about me deleting it.  You're free to make your own.

My original post claimed this.

If you've been using this and you ONLY have Cakewalk by BandLab, then any difference in sound you hear is in your imagination.

The only people for whom this will function are:

  1. People who installed CbB on top of an existing SONAR installation that included z3ta+ (and it's installed)
  2.  People who bought z3ta+ stand-alone and have it installed.

I checked every single FX chain distributed with CbB 1-by-1 for missing plug-ins.  I didn't just decide to copy and paste for laughs, and to irritate people with my bullet point nesting prowess.

Effects in Chains that are surrounded by parentheses are missing effects.  You cannot use those chains, as intended, because the effects are missing.  Additionally, you cannot reasonably "fix" this without a reference - as in, a SONAR Platinum installation with all of the plugins - since you don't really know what they're supposed to sound like.

Example - NONE of the plugins in this chain are installed on a PC with CbB and no pre-existing SONAR installation.  It's 100% non-functioning, and a person without a computer with SPLAT installed cannot fix it, even if they substitute their own plugins; because they have no clue what this FX Chain preset is supposed to sound like.

I shouldn't have to make this post, but alas...

Have a nice night.

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