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  1. Those are common things that most Pro DAWs have. Even GarageBand has this stuff. This was showing up in higher end DAWs over a decade ago. Cubase 5 had this stuff, back in 2000. Cakewalk (or whatever companies owned them) simply didn't bother to develop a decent implementation of what was already becoming a fairly standardized UI/UX for this (almost all DAWs do it the way Logic Pro X/Pro Tools/Cubase do it, now). The way Cakewalk does what it can do is more similar to ACID Pro, for example. But I actually think the UI/UX for this in ACID Pro is superior - because they don't just layer markers all over the ruler, which creates all sorts of problems (and visual clutter). Not to mention, markers are hilariously hard to edit in Cakewalk (e.g. Deleting a Marker is not, at all, intuitive - only doable from Marker Dock, can't right click to delete. Placing them is also unintuitive, since they [always?] go where the play head is, not where the mouse activates the context menu.). They really need to just rework this stuff. Even still, I am trying my best to stick with it... But the usability "issues" are starting to accumulate for me. I actually think the Markers in ACID Pro are better implemented, as they have a small "global marker track." They should do something more similar to this, because I don't think the other implementation is something they will do any time soon. The contrast between markers and the background in the default Tungsten theme in Cakewalk is also REALLY bad.
  2. List of Unusable FX Chain Presets - By Category Drums: Automate Me Drum Bus Master Drum Bus Parallel 2 Dub Style Gated Snare Gated Snare Reverb Kick Drum Life 1 Kick Drum Life 2 Kick Drum Punch Loop Enhancer 1 Loop Enhancer 2 Loop Grinder Overhead Life Snare Life Snare Snap Tight Warm Kick Tom Bus Basic Tom Bus Verb Tom Helper 1 Tom Helper 2 Tom Rack Basic Guitars and Basses: AC Clean Faze Bass Setup 2 Big Clean Creamery Can't B Bigger Captn Crunch Chunks Clean Chicken Clean Filtered Virus Clean Hole Sun Clean Mid Delays Clean N Sweet Clean Pandelay Clean Slap Clean Water Dirty Brian May Dirty Clean Splitter Dirty Trem Lead 1 Led Spread Mastering: ** All Usable: Only uses Sonitus:FX ** Modern: Whappy Trails is the ONLY usable Preset ProChannel: Advanced Shaper AliasFactor Channel Tools Chorus-Flanger Classic Phaser HF Exciter Modfilter Tempo Delay z3ta+ fx Retro: AM Gold Big Classic Chorus Button Box Buzz Trigger Chicken Stinkin Classic Chorus Classic Slap Crying Wha Dirt Surfer Double Phaser Flanger Will Rock Penalogue Delay Phasey Verb Rock the Arena Solid Doubler Tape is rolling Thick Flange Tideonizor Tube Analogue Delay Vocals: Ad Libs BG Vocals 1 PX2 BG Vocals 2 PX2 Chill FIlter Don't Taze Me Bro Double-Wide Trailer Lead Vocal Female 2 Lead Vocal Male 2 Running Interference Telephone Vocals Tweeter Splitter Vintage Vocal Channel Vocal Stutter Box Voices In My Head [BUS] Stereo Ambiance
  3. Honestly, at this point just get Kontakt. Black Friday is almost here. There are other really good Synths that are super cheap, as well. So little communication on this. It's like they decided to shut it all down after feasting from the initial hype. Those tools are so old at this point. They've been completely usurped by competitors, some really cheap. They don't really matter, in the grand scheme of things.
  4. The FM is kind of hard to read because it's just a PDF render of a CHM file that is great when it comes to navigation. OP probably would have been able to press F1 and get his answer if they hadn't unnecessarily removed the Context-Sensitive Help file from the installer.
  5. Addendum: A visual bug. If you have multiple spanned displays (mine are 1080p), maximize the DAW window on one display, and select either: Lock Module Order and Justify, or Lock Module Order and Center... for the control bar... Elements are shoved partially off-screen. Example: Module Order Locked and Justified - Module Order Locked and Centered I actually don't remember this happening on earlier builds (and I've always used these options for the control bar). I can crash Cakewalk by BandLab on-demand by Views -> Lyrics with an Empty Project open Seems 100% Reproducible, at least on my PCs (3 of them) ---- More UI/UX and QoL: Allow removing recent items from the Start Screen This may be possible, but I couldn't find such an option when I tried. Deleting or moving the file and then attempting to open it to trigger the error message does remove it automatically, though. Allow Dragging of VST Instruments/Synths/Samplers to the Instrument Rack Create an Instrument Instance with no associated tracks, by default. Can speed things up, if you don't want to suppress the default dialog for dragging them to the Track Manager Allow docking of more elements within the Multi-Dock Software MIDI Keyboard in the Multi-Dock AudioSnap Pallette Add "Close" to the Drop Down for Docked Windows (i.e. Help Module) Vertical Pixels are prime real estate on widescreen displays (until we all have 4K displays πŸ˜›) Currently, the only way to close that is the undock it, and then close the window. However, this defaults it to undocked if you want to call it up again, so it then presents visual clutter 😞 Adding a Close command would be a QoL enhancement. "Burn Audio CD" should be in File -> Export Since it's all we have, distribute the Reference Guide PDF with the application. This way, there will be some easily accessible documentation available offline. Maybe it's there, and I just haven't found it? Formats: AAC Export Windows bundles this CODEC, I think it should be possible to use it to Export AAC Audio, no? Bundle Cineform Video CODEC Intraframe CODEC support is useful for Film Scoring It performs much better than H.264 or WMV (the latter of which isn't support by a few NLEs, even on Windows) Cineform is a Royalty-Free CODEC, IIRC Most Video Editing Software Supports Cineform Import/Export
  6. Doesn't matter, and no one should care what you or I think they should use. Requiring a double click for this is awful design, and even worse ergonomics. It's too basic a task to require that kind of action. If the modifier + single click works, then that's an acceptable workaround. The OP can get a programmable mouse and just set one of the buttons to that combination. Ergonomics is just as important as accessibility. At this point in my life, I'm about ready to move to a Mac full time, just for the Force Touch Magic Trackpad.
  7. MIDI: Better Notation/Staff View. Grace notes do not display properly. It often doesn't display triplets properly. Playback is routinely out of sync with the arranger playback. Load the same MIDI file into Reaper, or even GarageBand, and it's flawless. All of the notes are there, the triplets display properly, etc. The playback is flawless, and the score cursor is in sync with the arranger playback cursor (and audio). Also, need a Page View in the Score Editor, not just a line. The workflow for switching which track is displayed in the staff view makes no sense. Changing track selection in the arranger should automatically change which track is displayed. One shouldn't have to open/go through 10 staff view windows simply because he wants to view/edit many tracks in his session. You have to Shift or Control Click across multiple tracks to select them and then open Staff View for Multiple Tracks to show up there... … ... What's displayed in the Staff View should simply follow track focus and arranger cursor position, and vice versa (for cursor position - i.e. Sync the two together). An Option to Merge MIDI Tracks would be nice. Take all notes on the two tracks and create a new track with all the notes in one MIDI Clip. Maybe this is already doable, just not in the places I looked. MusicXML Import (i.e. from Sibelius, Finale, Notion, MuseScore). Especially if they won't fix the note display issues in the score. Perhaps this would be less problematic if we could import something other than MIDI files. Usability & Accessibility: If you view the list of Drum Maps, I hope you never have to scroll it, because it would take all day. Mouse wheel doesn't work in this list, and it only scrolls when you click and hold on the arrow (not ergonomic - or even standard design/behavior on Windows). They need to reimplement how this list is designed to work. Awful user experience if you create your own Drum Maps and they don't all start with "Aa," due to molasses scrolling speed. Actually, that's the work around. Throw two A's in front of all of your Drum Maps' names… … … Really, though? Niggle: Why are there still 3 useful plugins disabled by default? Allow user to choose where to install Studio Instruments Suite - or install its Samples to the Content Location chosen, by default (as Drum Replacer does). They take up a lot of space for people with smaller system SSDs, if they need them (cause they may not yet have better). They don't NEED to be on the system drive - at least not the samples. Reintroduce Offline Context Sensitive Help. The PDF Reference is terrible, and doesn't even have a Table of Contents that displays in the slide-out in a PDF reader. This makes jumping from topic to topic a nightmare, unless you're lucky and everything is cross referenced Spoiler: You're never going to be that lucky. That documentation is basically a Context Sensitive Help File in PDF format. It is not a Reference and was never written or intended (or content necessary) to function as a "Reference Guide." Allow mouse wheel scrolling to adjust knobs in the Mixer/Track Editor/etc. It's more ergonomic. Tempo, Marker, [Chord], Arranger Tracks - Chord Track can wait (can use Markers, for now, until a fuller implementation) Ideally, pinnable to a top area like many other DAWs. I know there are some "workarounds," - none of which are really that elegant, especially with how tiny the markers are. The contrast between markers and the background is pretty terrible in the default Tungsten theme. Defaults should be more visible. Purge Presets/FX Chains/etc. requiring previously paid content (that is probably never coming back, at this point) from the CbB installation. Import those from SONAR Platinum, if installed. Reason: Unnecessary clutter. Add an area in the Preferences to Set up an External Wave/Audio Editor (Sound Forge, Acoustica, WaveLab, etc.) Editing the Registry should not be necessary, and is a dangerous requirement for users . Also, impossible on managed PCs, even if the requisite applications are already installed. Add an entry to the Context Menu for Audio Clips, to open that clip in the External Wave Editor. Example Remove Delete option from Audio Library Explorer Some people have their settings in Explorer to Recycle without Confirmation, and may not expect a typo to send their Loops, etc. to the Recycle bin. This can happen innocently and go unnoticed, until after the file is deleted by Storage Sense.
  8. Nevermind. Will create separate thread...
  9. If you click on the note that already there, then it selects it. That's how it works in most software. But if you click in empty space, then it creates a new note. Constant double clicking when writing music in a piano role is a recipe for repetitive use injuries. Something so basic should not require a double click. I'd actually prefer a modifier + click, as that is "safer" and more ergonomic. I'm basically on break from using any software like that right now, due to issues in my right arm/wrist that flare up due to using a computer mouse so much - clicking. This is why a lot of desktop Mac users opt to use a Magic Trackpad.
  10. You can get a decent Behringer Audio Interface for ~$60 (UM22, I think?). The interface with the MIDAS Preams (not the $40 UM2). Driver = ASIO4ALL (many DAWs bundle this, so you may already have it i.e. "MAGIX Low Latency Audio"). Cheap Newer Mics actually work well for basics, and just starting out. They cost almost nothing, and are better than USB Mics that cost 2-3x as much. You can upgrade later to a "good" Mic. Then you just get a Desktop/Floor Stand and an XLR cable (it ships with the thing to sooth rattles).
  11. Right Click Windows Menu (or Lower Left Corner of Primary Monitor) Open Command Prompt (Admin) Command: cd C:\Windows\Installer Run the installer in the error box when you try to uninstall it from Add-Remove Programs - It gives you the full path to it - write it down on paper if you have to. The installer will start, and you will be able to uninstall the Melodyne Runtime
  12. Whatever anyone feels is necessary to do their work πŸ˜› Different people have different needs and requirements. People who do Electronic Music, for example, are certainly going to want (and need) a bit more than that. No one has to spend money on that stuff. We all get to choose our own path πŸ˜‰
  13. Correct. That's why I think they should have offered the base Sampler product, even without the sample libraries. It's kind of a big part of a DAW which enables a lot of people to take their creativity up a notch (or enable it completely, depending on what type of music you're producing). Best option is to just use something cheap like Structure 2, in the meantime, and hope they bring back some of the SONAR stuff soon'ish. But that stuff was already aging by the time they shut it down. So, I'm not sure what they plan to do. They do cover the basics, but some of the plugins in Creative FX Plus would require you to set up plug-in chains with Sonitus:FX to replicate (and there are a few really good ones). Using those is a workflow win. I also (personally) like having a set of base plugins that are consistent and work across DAWs and Platforms, that way if I ever switch I can alleviate learning curve by using them until I acclimate myself to what's in the other DAW - which may , or may not, be better than they are. I don't consider Sonitus:FX to be a complete set of base plugins, but I suppose they were never meant to be. One of the biggest selling points of SONAR, like Logic Pro X, was its amazing bundle of Mix, Mastering, and Effect Plugins and Instruments. If you don't need them, then you can upgrade to AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 SELECT instead of COMPLETE and save ~$20 πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰
  14. AIR are bundle-quality plugins, that's primarily why I recommend them. They were developed to be bundled with Pro Tools. The idea is that you add them to Cakewalk by BandLab, and you end up with a decent out of the box experience comparable to other commercial DAWs that bundle similar content (often at [far] higher prices). They aren't the "end-all-be-all" of plugins. They are just a decent, dirt cheap, base set. When was the last time EXS24 (for example) got a major update? πŸ˜‰ DAW-bundled stuff often goes several years without updates. Once the products are feature complete and serve their intended purpose, they get put in maintenance mode until the situation demands they be developed further. It's just that many people don't actually look at the release timeline of DAW-bundled stuff, but will when this stuff is bought separately πŸ˜› You were talking about matrix view and clip launchers, upthread I think the Sampler could be useful for sound design, even if they ripped all of the libraries out. But I'm not sure it matters a ton, since most serious users are going to be on Kontakt, already. I think a bare synth is probably more useful - in general - than a Sampler without sample libraries πŸ˜›
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