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  1. There's nothing childish about me deleting it. You're free to make your own. My original post claimed this. If you've been using this and you ONLY have Cakewalk by BandLab, then any difference in sound you hear is in your imagination. The only people for whom this will function are: People who installed CbB on top of an existing SONAR installation that included z3ta+ (and it's installed) People who bought z3ta+ stand-alone and have it installed. I checked every single FX chain distributed with CbB 1-by-1 for missing plug-ins. I didn't just decide to copy and paste for laughs, and to irritate people with my bullet point nesting prowess. Effects in Chains that are surrounded by parentheses are missing effects. You cannot use those chains, as intended, because the effects are missing. Additionally, you cannot reasonably "fix" this without a reference - as in, a SONAR Platinum installation with all of the plugins - since you don't really know what they're supposed to sound like. Example - NONE of the plugins in this chain are installed on a PC with CbB and no pre-existing SONAR installation. It's 100% non-functioning, and a person without a computer with SPLAT installed cannot fix it, even if they substitute their own plugins; because they have no clue what this FX Chain preset is supposed to sound like. I shouldn't have to make this post, but alas... Have a nice night.
  2. I'm really kind of laughing at the discussion about how feedback should be given, when really... no one is obligated to waste their time doing it at all. If this is the B.S. that will litter the thread, then it is not worth my time. You do it. I've grown exasperated with this kind of needless contrarianism .
  3. If you split everything into a different tooic, then it creates a disorganized mess. This is also so I can add and remove things in the future as they issue updates and I use other parts of the DAW more thoroughly. Multiple topics would be even more overwhelming than this list (which has more bullets than necessary to make the formatting less "wall of text" ugly).
  4. If you don't have z3ta+, then the preset is unusable since it cannot load z3ta+. This is a list of unusable presets of someone is using the base Cakewalk installation without a prior SONAR installation. It's not for people who installed CbB on top of an SPLAT install. If you did, then they will obviously work properly for you. For someone using bare CbB, 90% of the presets are unusable due to missing Plug-Ins that can no longer be obtained.
  5. It didn't copy. It moved the original marker, and created a blank/unnamed in the original position. It probably has something to do with the smart tool, and how tiny the hit boxes are. I'm not sure.
  6. Agree. I've tried dragging markers and it just created another marker instead. Maybe this is intended. I'm not sure. It surely wasn't what I was "expecting." I also tried using Cakewalk for Loop Arranging, and it create marker for every Loop you drop into the arranger. Why?
  7. Those are common things that most Pro DAWs have. Even GarageBand has this stuff. This was showing up in higher end DAWs over a decade ago. Cubase 5 had this stuff, back in 2000. Cakewalk (or whatever companies owned them) simply didn't bother to develop a decent implementation of what was already becoming a fairly standardized UI/UX for this (almost all DAWs do it the way Logic Pro X/Pro Tools/Cubase do it, now). The way Cakewalk does what it can do is more similar to ACID Pro, for example. But I actually think the UI/UX for this in ACID Pro is superior - because they don't just layer markers all over the ruler, which creates all sorts of problems (and visual clutter). Not to mention, markers are hilariously hard to edit in Cakewalk (e.g. Deleting a Marker is not, at all, intuitive - only doable from Marker Dock, can't right click to delete. Placing them is also unintuitive, since they [always?] go where the play head is, not where the mouse activates the context menu.). They really need to just rework this stuff. Even still, I am trying my best to stick with it... But the usability "issues" are starting to accumulate for me. I actually think the Markers in ACID Pro are better implemented, as they have a small "global marker track." They should do something more similar to this, because I don't think the other implementation is something they will do any time soon. The contrast between markers and the background in the default Tungsten theme in Cakewalk is also REALLY bad.
  8. Honestly, at this point just get Kontakt. Black Friday is almost here. There are other really good Synths that are super cheap, as well. So little communication on this. It's like they decided to shut it all down after feasting from the initial hype. Those tools are so old at this point. They've been completely usurped by competitors, some really cheap. They don't really matter, in the grand scheme of things.
  9. The FM is kind of hard to read because it's just a PDF render of a CHM file that is great when it comes to navigation. OP probably would have been able to press F1 and get his answer if they hadn't unnecessarily removed the Context-Sensitive Help file from the installer.
  10. Doesn't matter, and no one should care what you or I think they should use. Requiring a double click for this is awful design, and even worse ergonomics. It's too basic a task to require that kind of action. If the modifier + single click works, then that's an acceptable workaround. The OP can get a programmable mouse and just set one of the buttons to that combination. Ergonomics is just as important as accessibility. At this point in my life, I'm about ready to move to a Mac full time, just for the Force Touch Magic Trackpad.
  11. Nevermind... Seems formatting is a more apt discussion here, so I'll let someone else create a thread about that, and contribute to it 😛
  12. Nevermind. Will create separate thread...
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