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Good News and Timely

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So we actually see some action that I hope will get this forum back on a positive pathway instead of all the negativity and threatening to switch DAW nonsense lately. 

The new Cakewalk Product  Centre will finally solve a few ongoing issues like offline activation as well as I  can see that in the future it will be our go to for updates and future purchases.

It would be very very cool if they also add our legacy products here as well! @Jesse Jost ?  @Noel Borthwick

I like it. 

And did any of you recent Nay Sayers notice the release notes for the CbB update. I counted over 50 Bug fixes! 

They most certainly did not have to do any of this but they did,  proving once again that the developer team really does care and listen. 

OK everybody back to work and please relax and let them finish Sonar in peace and quiet. If it takes another 6 - 12 months that's fine by me. 


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On 2/17/2024 at 12:54 PM, John Vere said:

It would be very very cool if they also add our legacy products here as well

Hey John, you're on the right track here. More products will be made available through CPC over time, but there are no plans for this to become a legacy product utility or a 1:1 replacement of Command Center. There is a possibility we may reprise from some components from the past to make them available to customers through CPC, but I can't commit to specifics at this time.

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Thanks for the reply. @Jesse Jost

It’s seems stupid that a lot of us are still installing ancient versions of Sonar and installing CCC just to grab a few plug ins. 
Every time you do a new install it’s this crazy process to get to the point we’re all things Cakewalk are up to speed. 
A one stop automated app would be a dream come true. 

 I will personally thank staff for keeping all that legacy software available and assistance for the fools that lost their passwords to the account. 

It would be way to much to ask that staff be involved in transferring legacy products from CCC to CPC so a suggestion. 

Have a tool as part of CPC that says “ Import Legacy Products “

You’d click it and it would take you to your old products page?  Just wishful thinking ? 

Your Loyal customer: John. 


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