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Cakewalk Matrix View (basics)

Sridhar Raghavan


I am exploring matrix view and yes, I have gone through various Videos as well as the manual. But some basics remain elusive to me. 

Hope some one can help me with the following.

a) In a Cakewalk Project I have recorded few minutes of multitrack MIDI songs (using an external Keyboard).

b) I can play the recording and the song gets played multitrack on the external keyboard.

c) Above works fine and I have been doing this for a long time


d) I have created an arranger track and defined multiple Sections, and I can play them using different arrangements. All-OK.


e) I created a Matrix View.

f) Now I want to load different sections of the multi-track MIDI recording, corresponding to the sections defined in the arranger, into Matrix Cells. 

g) How do I this? Is it possible?  These will be MIDI clips and not audio (all the MIDI tracks data should be emitted to the external keyboard/synth - like in (b) )

h) What kind of MIDI clips can go into a cell? Single Track, Multi Tracks? any restrictions. 

i) Is there a way to time-shift i.e. add a beginning delay to the contents of cell, for aligning musically, as needed, with other cells?


Thanks in advance.


br Sri.


P.S. Update.

p) I am able to select a section on any of my MIDI tracks (they are all Single Channel data) and drag into a Matrix Cell.  Happy.

q) But I cannot load a MIDI file -- which are Multitrack (SMF, Not-SMF) into a cell. The cell brightens a bit, but remains blank. when I drag-drop, but nothing happens. Not sure about the status. 

r) With (p) when I play and stop a cell, my Keyboard seems to not receive Note(s) Off. So the keyboard Notes are stuck -- and I have to use Midi Panic to stop all the notes! Not good. 



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