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Streamtech Music - Millennium French Organ released - €49 (Intro Price until Dec 18)


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Follow-Up.  I spent last night playing Millennium French Organ.  I highly recommend this.

It has 28 stops.  Three manuals (Grand, Positif, and Pedals), plus 5 different mics, and 25 snap shots.

It is versatile and has great range from soft flute stops to powerful, roaring stops suitable  for the great toccatas.

It really is nice, fun to play

FYI--there is now a Walkthrough video that shows many of the features. 

Go  to  https://www.streamtechmusic.com/millennium to find the walkthrough video and to find details about the stops, manuals, etc. 

It is now only $49 until December 18 .  

FYI--  I am not being paid to say this, I just found this pipe organ vst worth my money.  Definitely recommend this one.


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