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Human Crime

Citizen Regen

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NOTE: Remix on 24 Dec 2023


(C) 2023 Citizen Regen

Vocals - Ken "Zargg" Nilsen
Guitars - Kai Steines
Keys - Dave "Bitflipper" Townsend
Bass, Producer - Ed "Bapu" Kocol
Drums - Hugo Ribeiro

V1: A self proclaimed king, who knows nothing
Decides what is right or maybe wrong
A judgement by their peers, is never really their fears
Looking back, it's been this way for so very long

Chorus: No reason, no rhyme, just out of time
We can't continue, with our human crime
We may never fall in line
Equal balance we'll never find
Not with all this human crime
Not with all this human crime

V2: In the city streets, where shadows creep
A tale of human nature, both wicked and sly
There's a darkness that lingers, secrets we keep
Where crime takes its toll, under a midnight sky

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: But amidst the chaos, heroes rise,
Defending the weak, with courage in their eyes.
They fight against the darkness, refusing to yield,
Bringing hope to a world, that's been concealed

Guitar Solo

v3: In the city's underbelly, a drug lord reigns,
Destroying lives, leaving sorrow and stains.
The innocent fall victim to a world gone wrong,
As the sirens wail, a heart's final song.

Repeat Chorus
Synth Solo
Repeat Chorus

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Our song was given feedback live by Warren Huart on Produce Like A Pro on Youtube today.

His comments were (production wise) add a little more width and maybe some low end on the kick.

Regarding the song, he was really impressed with it.

The production constructive comments by the users were pretty much in line with Warren.

The coolest part of this is they are now doing Zoom with the submitter. He asks interactive questions about the song and after playing it through he gives his comments directly to the submitter.

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I love the arrangement in this song; it takes unexpected turns and is dissonant in a very good way!  The mix is very sophisticated and dense which is not easy to pull off.  I've lately learned the value of widening my mixes so I appreciate the feedback you got, though this song can stand as is.  I had a lot of fun listening to this.

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On 11/22/2023 at 1:52 PM, bjornpdx said:

I'm not a metal fan but I like this, esp Zargg's growly voice. Great mix too.

Thanks bjornpdx for the listen. Zargg is the master of the growl.

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