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I was going to attend one of the climate change protests today ....


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13 minutes ago, bayoubill said:

All you hair people, shampoo on you!

Fixed it for you.

I'm on the camp that we need to address this. Come on lets be real, the USA  rolling back  EPA emissions for coal. Coals time has passed.
I also give her lots of credit. I wouldn't be able to give a speech like she did at her young age. Heck  even now at my old age I would be like Mr. Orange giving a speech 😆 

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6 hours ago, kennywtelejazz said:

😂 ouch...... if looks could kill ....

Consider who she was looking at IMO the USA would be the winner.   I keep thinking something is wrong with my TV but it is just Mr. Orange again 😂

She needs to have a backing track made for her now or will that also cause climate change?

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1 hour ago, Byron Dickens said:

"Discussion of off-topic music related subjects. No politics. NO RELIGION.  All love. Enjoy!"

I'm writing a song about this thread, so now it's all music related..........









As you were chaps...........



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I love planet Earth and I don't want to see it turn Orange as in hot fire color.   I'm not being political at all 😉

Orange is not the color of earth
Orange is not the color of pines
Why do we let a select few
have  the say in what happens to our mother?

Here is some bad lyrics for you paulo 9_9

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I almost forgot. I said I would adjust my statements so

There IS global warming which is why I've endured THREE 500 year floods in 4 years

plus where I lived in a house in south Louisiana when I was a kid is now permanently underwater

The coast line has slowly disappeared and there is tiny oil sludge balls in the mud everywhere on the coast said the lyrics of that song I heard


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5 hours ago, bayoubill said:

My apologies to Steve!  I didn't mean to ignore your pain

Sorry about not being able to attend your activities 

No worries Bill 😊


You thought you'd dug a bit of a hole for yourself there ....








.... but you managed to climate of it 😁









🔺I might Am being a genious too ✔️

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On 9/22/2019 at 1:51 AM, InstrEd said:

LOL!    So far my kids have been good.   My problem with them is that they are obsessed with getting A's.  At the  parent teacher meeting , multiply teachers brought up that my kids are really hard on themselves. My wife and I told them that is them not us. We want them to do good but don't have to kill yourself's on getting all A's .  Right know  in Advanced math my younger one got mad because she only got a 94% in her last test.   Mind you she is overall at 118% in the class because she does all extra credit given.  Last year at the end of the semester she wasn't feeling good but still went to school and had a bad math grade. She did the extra credit the last week of school even though the teacher told her it wasn't necessary. Her response was I want to finish your class at over 100% and she did.   My wife and I keep asking, are  they really our kids because we both were average students 😃

Kids who aren't pushed yet want to do well, understand scienctific concensus, care about the planet and aren't afraid to speak up. Sounds like you and your wife could teach many others a lesson or two Ed.  Awesome job:) 

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