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Higgs Boson Free Psychoacoustic effect


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On youtube, if you turn on the subtitles they are in Spanish of course, but then click on the gear you can select to translate them from Spanish to english or other language. Some of the translations and the cow are amusing but then I am easily amused.

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The author did a video yesterday talking about the plugin, and he confirmed that it was a joke

After more than 3000 downloads, he wanted to use this experiment to confirm that there is a marketing wave that is hitting us

Sometimes, we tend to think that buy plugins give us more powerfull in our works and workflows, improving our creations, when the reality is that sometimes, these plugins... give us more dB only... (like this one), and we say... "OMG, this is amazing", but it does NOTHING really, only up the volume and we think that is wonderful

He wanted to put this in value, and said "I'm sorry about this, but I wanted to advise about this wave"



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I haven't watched the videos yet (next up), but I'm laughing already. My first job out of college was two years ('78-'79) as Asst. Crew Chief on the Neutrino beam line at Fermilab (a particle accelerator physics research center). The Higgs boson was discovered in 2012 at CERN. Never thought it would become a musical joke. OK, off to YT to watch the two videos.

From the CERN website:

How did physicists know it was the Higgs?

On 4 July 2012, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations announced the discovery of a new particle to a packed auditorium at CERN.

This particle had no electrical charge, it was short-lived and it decayed in ways that the Higgs boson should, according to theory. To confirm if it really was the Higgs boson, physicists needed to check its “spin” – the Higgs boson is the only particle to have a spin of zero.

By examining two and a half times more data, they concluded in March 2013 that, indeed, some kind of Higgs boson had been discovered. 

Discovering the Higgs boson was just the beginning. In the ten years since, physicists have examined how strongly it interacts with other particles, to see if this matches theoretical predictions.

Interaction strength can be measured experimentally by looking at Higgs boson production and decay: the heavier a particle the more likely the Higgs boson is to decay into or be produced from it. Interaction with tau leptons was discovered in 2016 and interaction with top and bottom quarks in 2018. 

But there is much more still to learn about this elusive particle.

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