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Ghosthack "Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX" for €2.46


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From website:



A Must-Have SFX Collection for Anyone Producing Cinematic Quality Projects

Repurposing everyday, ordinary sounds as sound effects is the general idea of Foley art. Transforming these types of sounds entirely into cinematic SFX is the next evolutionary step. It’s also one of the most enjoyable parts of sound design for movies, video games and television shows. Our Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX collection gives you access to truly incredible abstract textures, immersive ambiences, compelling transition effects, unique organic impacts and more.

Featuring 100 expertly crafted sound design elements, these cinematic SFX are derived from household and junkyard objects, intricate mechanisms and noise producing oddities of various sorts. That’s the magic! The audience doesn’t ever really know what it is that they are hearing. Just that it has made it impossible to look away from what was just brought to life with these memorable, mind-bending sounds.

Tension, grit, unsettling, inviting, riveting, suspenseful, otherworldly, isolation, chaos... Whatever the mood and aesthetic you are trying to conjure, the Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX collection has something for you.

These sounds might be heard in Hollywood movies or Netflix originals, but they are 100% Ghosthack and entirely royalty-free. That means that they are already cleared for use in your projects!


No audio demos on website and no real descriptions of included sounds (e.g. door slams, footsteps, body falling on a wood floor, monkey farts, etc.) other than that some are clock ticks.  Maybe this is a great collection of noises but without more information the one sound you won't hear is me opening my wallet even at this price.

See post from @User 905133 below

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I see 1 demo track (44 sec) and 8 individual samples under "Immersive Sound Design Makes Any Content Engrossing."

I have gotten some Ghosthack freebies before and enjoyed listening to them.  However, I don't use them for the music I do. I am not making a recommendation for or against them; just pointing out that I see some demos.

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