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Nothing was True - our first AI Video!

Bajan Blue

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There is a bit of a Story to this Video – I have mentioned before my wife and I have set up an Academy in Cape Town to provide work and Training to unemployed Youngsters – we have a massive unemployment issue here in South Africa with a rate of 70% Youth Unemployment.


Anyway one of our Scholars chose Digital Marketing / Videos etc.

He started with us in March – and in that time, I have mentored him a little bit, but he has learnt various programs and now he is teaching himself how to use the latest AI programs – and this video is not only his first “solo” attempt at a Music Video but also his first attempt using AI.

I’m blown away with how well he has progressed, in just a few short months.


So here is the Tenth track off our Indelible Stain album - The track is called Nothing was True

Hope you enjoy it.

You can see the lyrics here


And the whole album is available on Spotify


We’ve updated our website as well – we’ve got our own store now where you can get music and merchandise!!




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On 7/20/2023 at 8:45 AM, FreeEarCandy said:

Pretty cool song and video. 70% unemployment-wow! You have a big heart helping these youngsters out.  Awesome work upfront and behind the scene! Kudos!

Hi - thanks for this, really appreciate the comments and kind thoughts






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Very very pro. The bgv's and lead vocal have a wonderful delay treatment and interplay, so so good.

the video was killer, edited wonderfully, was it a crapton of After Effects templates?  :)  Honestly, to serve the song, the video might pull back a little on the wizardry. But as it's a learning excercise, holy cow, nice editing chops for sure. Kudos to your team!

The audio is top notch in all respects.




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Just a treat for the ears (and eyes) Nigel, just a treat ! . . . only way it would be more entertaining is if you actually smashed that guitar (c/w pieces flying) . . . hmmm, well maybe a cheap guitar prop. Also, enjoyed the synth sequencer, really helps drive it along against your excellent guitar work. Vocals rock, you know.

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