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The operating system is currently not configured to run this application

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I just installed cakewalk and I was getting this error message so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again but this issue is still persisting. I am not able to fix this problem. I tried to search it on YT as well but I didnt get any result. While the install wizard I selected the basic option as well to get it downloaded and my VST plugin folder is in the C drive as well. I am totally lost on whats happening. Any help on how I should get rid of this issue and how should I configure my OS to run it will be appreciated. Also I am running a windows 11 Home version


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It's typical example of a redistribution file missing that should be part of install

- a bit unclear if Cakewalk

- or from some plugin just scanned


If Cakewalk end clicking the messages, it's for Cakewalk itself. If just some plugin Cakewalk will stay on screen.


First thing to try is to start Cakwalk center or the installer as administrator.

Various files msvcrXXX.dll goes with compiler for software and is a shared dll, and installer for these are on the format vcredist_x64.exe or vcredist_x86.exe. And they are from various versions of visual studio used for development.

Full installs should contain these files too and run them, or there is a message where download is made to get those files too.

Go to Event Viewer, I think there is a message giving more info which version of visual studio.

VC120 would be for v12.0 and install those.

Which are needed for Cakewalk I have no clue. I only have Sonar.


Just do all from Promidi's links, there is nothing bad happening running them again,

I would not uninstall any of those, ever, just run them.


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It may not be related to Cakewalk at all. If you google the entire error message, you get lots of results that all pertain to MS Office (Excel, Word, Access, etc.)

Office does have some background processes that run periodically (and aren't needed) and one of them could be raising the error at unexpected moments, resulting in confusion as to which application is causing it.



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ACECORE.DLL is a library used by Microsoft Office and I believe that error message is a result of the plugin scanner trying to scan it, as @scook said.

There may be some bad scan paths set in Cakewalk's plugin scan path settings, so please provide a screen shot of VST Settings in the preferences.

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15 minutes ago, HIBI said:

ACECORE.DLL is a library used by Microsoft Office


The OP has a bad scan path defined in CbB Preference > File > VST Settings

If you need help cleaning up the scan path post an image your VST Settings

The scan path should only contain paths with VST2 and VST3 plug-ins.

Every folder in the scan path is searched for plug-ins not just the top level provided in preferences.


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