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This came from left field for me. Never heard anything by Lil' Yachty before. Seems like he started hanging out with Tame Impala and got into psychedelic rock (the first track on his most recent album sounds like Dark Side of the Moon-era Pink Floyd, I kid you not).

This song played over the credits of a movie I saw on Netflix and tickled my ears with its cool production and Tame Impala-esque drumming:

My only issue with the song is that it's 2:30. It really needs the current ending to be a break and then come back into a chorus before it ends. It's too good ear candy not to be at least 4:00.

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18 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:

Lil' Yachty

the ACL show for a more in depth sampling of where they at. sudan archives is a bit of a trip as well, but there's a nice range of musical ideas going on there.



despite posts decrying the lack of 'good music these days', it's out there. you just ain't gonna find it in your YT feed if you've been searching for Billy Joel live at msg...

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