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Region FX/Melodyne Problems

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I love using Melodyne (I have M4 Studio) in the Region FX (RFX) of the tracks. However, lately Cakewalk has been forgetting everything I do in the RFX. So I will pull a song back up, and the track will have "<Melodyne> Track 1" on it, showing that it has been edited in RFX, but if I attempt to open the editing window, it's gone. It just says "Create Region FX." Why is CbB suddenly getting RFX amnesia? Should I go back to the old way of opening Melodyne as an effect on the channel? And is this a common issue, or is it only my system that's doing this?

Edit: This is a hit-and-miss problem. Sometimes if the RFX didn't work, I can close the song and reopen it, then all of my edits are there. There have been times where this didn't work, and it all had to get rebuilt, but ab out 70% of the time it does. That being said, it's massively nerve-wracking when it happens on someone's session, and looks madly unprofessional when you say "oops. I have to reload it because it didn't load correctly..." That doesn't instill faith in clients. So is there any way this can be addressed?

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