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  1. Plug in your interface with a microphone connected, start Cakewalk and open the Basic template, in the Audio panel hit the red button, speak in the microphone and adjust your audio interface input level, then hit the big red button at the top (looks like a tape recorder control) and sing some. Then hit Stop followed by Play. "Congratulations! You've just got your first hit" George Martin.
  2. I am currently doing a Custom installation of Sonar X3 and under Libraries it includes StudioWare Panels. It is unchecked by default.
  3. Thanks. Looks like X2 has a lot that was discontinued. So X2 plus X3 and then my Command Center contents, I should then have everything I bought. Then I can install CbB. Just checked: Did the above procedure now I have LP EQ and LP MB version 1.0.3 AND Linear EQ and Linear Compressor. Looks like I'm good.
  4. Thank you! The spreadsheet only has one column for Platinum. Did all Platinums have the same plugs? Do I only need to install the last one?
  5. When I overlap two clips with crossfade on, the overlapped region gets fade in/fade out set automatically. When I adjust the positions, the crossfade adjusts itself too. But if I change my mind and pull the clips apart, the ends retain the last fade in/fade out and I always have to remove them manually which is time consuming. Could we have a setting whereby the fades are removed automatically upon separation (and with Xfade on)?
  6. I have a new PC and am rebuilding my DAW. I want to install all the old plugins but don't want to have to install each and every single Sonar version. Where can I get information on what each Sonar came with?
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