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  1. You are facing a change from Mac to Win and this sounds like a basic setup problem. If you are serious about getting going with Cakewalk and not just trolling, take the time to describe the problem. Theres some real helpful people here.
  2. You will be aware of the problem where bass and kick overlap and you need to decide which takes low and which high (or which ducks which). This goes for all instruments. You need to listen to everything in context else you get mud.
  3. Yup. Ominous. I'd be interested to know what good perpetual activation does.
  4. Really?!? H'm. Strange. OK, thanks for going to the trouble, I will investigate.
  5. I use IE because it's the only T3-capable non-Google browser. No worries. IE is a dying option, I am aware of that (I know, I know - windmills).
  6. I'm getting "This page can’t be displayed". If I remove the /Win10AudioTweakGuide" part, a Microsoft page requiring a login opens. Looks like you need to be a member to access that page.
  7. I can hide the Articulation Pane in the piano roll by selecting View -> Show/Hide Articulation Pane. But as soon as I click on a midi note, it reappears! (and the selection is active again). Not only that, but because my mouse is down over a note, the Articulation Pane shifts the entire PRV down, and when I release my mouse, the note is now somewhere else! How can I hide it when I don't need it? Version 2020.11 (Build 099, 64 bit)
  8. I think some folks that stay on Win7 may do so out of unease with Win10 and so also turn off Cakewalk Analytics. I am building up a new DAW on a new i7 laptop (been at it for months- plug-in license transfers!!) But I would appreciate the security of having my offline Win7 studio PC frozen with the last possible CbB to fall back on.
  9. CbB requires periodic re-registering. For those of us that want to avoid the Win10 issues , would it be possible to get the last CbB that runs on Win7 in a form that does NOT require re-registering? In this way it will be possible to freeze ones DAW and know it will always work (technical failures notwithstanding) There must be a reason for the re-registering so I figure Noel would be the person to ask about this.
  10. ... and CbB needs to be re-regisered periodically. Back to Sonar I guess.
  11. I am so happy I still have my Windows7 DAW PC. PC = PERSONAL Computer
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