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  1. Really? What do you use it for, if I may ask? When I was a new to - then Sonar - the fact that it is the default on install made me think for a long time snap to grid was broken. Even today I wonder what situations it could find a use.
  2. Look out for as many of the old-style USB ports as possible. You will be wanting to connect interfaces, keyboards, controllers, a thumb drive or external hard drive... Hubs often cause issues with DAWs. Also decide how your setup will be arranged and where the ports should be - mostly left, mostly right, or back? The trend is toward fewer ports and USB 3, but music gear is moving rather slowly and USB 3 is not yet common. And yes, two internal hard drives is desirable.
  3. I was going to say Offset is on... Even if you create a fresh project, copy some audio in a mono track and pan hard?
  4. If you plug the guitar straight into the interface, use Inst. It presents a high-impedance and that is what an electric guitar needs, else you will get less high frequencies.
  5. Once recorded, set the low EQ to roll off below around 200Hz at about 12dB/Oct.
  6. Hi Noel, yes I'll do that. The device has only recently been announced and there's not even a formal Midi support table in the downloads. I expect the information is just not complete yet. Thanks very much for that link, been looking for it for quite a while.
  7. I'm into my wind synths and Yamaha have just announced the new YDS-150 Digital Saxophone. I downloaded the manual and was surprised to find midi only ever mentioned once, in connection with Bluetooth. Under Specs they say: Bluetooth version 4.2, supports profile A2DP, complies with Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification, Wireless output Bluetooth Class 2, 10m Max, 2.402-2.480MHz, Max out EIRP 4dB, FHSS modulation. There is a mini usb but that is for powering the unit only - not for Midi. So I looked up Bluetooth Midi and it would appear there are different standards. Yamaha themselves have a Bluetooth midi device (Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI Adaptor). It is two DIN jacks connected by a short wire. It draws power from the Midi out itself. But the product description says it is intended for iOS. Are there Bluetooth standards that apply to iOS only? Will I even need such an adapter? Is the Bluetooth in my laptop not enough? Is it the right standard? Will I need a special driver so CbBl sees it? I thought I knew midi, but I feel like I'm starting school all over again.
  8. I had the AudioBox 22VSL and the ASIO drivers just did not work with, back then, Sonar. I downloaded the next driver version when it became available and then WSL did not work, either. Other audio software (audacity) and DAW (Reaper) were fine. I forget the precise details, but I wasn't able to use it with Sonar.
  9. If they do that, differently-named projects being interpreted as the same, causing all sorts of issues.
  10. And now everybody's gonna want a Zoom session with Noel...
  11. Unlike an audio clip, a midi note has no end in the sense that it cannot know how long the release of your chosen sound is, so bouncing down ends where the last note ends.
  12. I have 5 laptops and the Behringer U-Phoria UMC1820 was not recognized by 3 of them. Nothing shows up in the Device Manager at all. Must be compatibility problems with some chipsets. Very strange. The power transformer does't seem to be very well shielded. When I mounted it in my rack it caused other devices to hum, including Behringer's own ADA8200. I also have Tascam's US-1641, 1800 and 16x08. They are excellent. Unfortunately the 16x08 only goes down to -12dB which means drums distort even with the input turned right down to minimum. The older two go to -2dB and are fine with drums. The OctaCapture goes to -6 which is better. It's big brother, the StudioCapture, goes to -2dB. I have both. Roland and Tascam have kept up with their drivers so far.
  13. I use 2 StudioCaptures on a WinXP 32-bit Atom-CPU Netbook running Sonar 8 (Tracking only, no plugs). Those drivers seem to be easy on CPU and RAM.
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