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  1. If you go right to the bottom to the Midi Implementation Chart it says it supports Clock and Real Time Commands, and Start/Stop is part of the real time commands.
  2. I got my QY100 working, it was the Project clock MIDI Sync that was missing. I first used MidiOx to see what was coming out of it. Turns out I had to set up some stuff on the QY100. Could be the SY77 does not send midi start/stop without setting them up. I found MidiOx does not record everything if lots of stuff is coming in. I had to set its filters to record ONLY midi start / stop, else it got swamped by everything else. By the way, is it normal that only the track you click on last will show the VU meter? Everything is recording, so it's no big deal, but I just wondered why only one meter works at a time.
  3. H'm. Well, I'm trying this with my Yamaha QY100 and I must say, it's not working. Now I also want to know...
  4. This might help: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X2&language=4&help=Synchronizing.05.html
  5. Does anyone understand this better than me, or have more info? I don't get how a single articulation over an entire midi clip qualifies as - well - articulation? Usually you have perhaps a string scrap or tonal change on just one note, making it sound live. Roland SuperNaturals have guitars with slides if you play half or one tone legato. Or CC control to move violins from normal to vibrato. But this is supposed to be introduced incidentally, by feel. Not just a whole clip.
  6. twelvetone

    chord track

    I'm impressed, but can't think where I'd use this. Like you say, for working out ideas? But all that work! It's surely faster just to play. Usually I put in notes I hear in my head without thinking about "chords" and stuff. And once done, I'd want to re-record unless, like the guy says, I really want "weird". Yeah. I dunno. H'm.
  7. If you can see the wave files inside the audio folder you already have the folder open. Copy them to another folder (and an external backup drive) and re-create the projects. A serious pain but with luck re-recording should not be necessary.
  8. You say SOLVED - do tell so we can all learn. I just downloaded the manual of the Solid State Logic SSL2 interface. If the 'Line' button is UP (microphone sensitivity) and you turn the Monitor knob all the way to the left (Input) and turn the gain on your microphone channel up so it just touches the red LED on the 5-segment UV you absolutely must hear your voice on plugged-in headphones. If not, the unit is faulty. I suspect your Line button was down. That is for keyboards. And HiZ + Line down is for guitars. Again, apologies if I am being obvious and the issue was somewhere else.
  9. Only two Octa-Captures will work together. I do believe the same driver works with the VS700 so I have heard one Octa will work with that, too. I also found one Octa-Capture and one Studio-Capture does not work. So can't mix those. The Roland driver only works with 2 interfaces if the USBs are on the same 'hub'(?), even if they are all in your PC. So I have 5 USB sockets on my laptop and I have to remember which ones will work together. Even two together on one side is no guarantee. On the other hand, I often use my Tascam interfaces together in WDM mode, but they MUST be different models. I have the US-1641, 1800 and 16x08, all in CbB and recording simultaneously. By using modified Behringer mini mixers I have 44 microphone channels at a budget price. After recording it is necessary to realign the tracks but the offsets apply to all tracks of one interface so it's not such a big deal. Unfortunately the Roland Octa/Studio-Captures do not cooperate with other WDM drivers - well, not with my Tascam, Edirol or Presonus ones. On the plus side, the Roland drivers work down to Win XP and have so far been kept up-to-date with the latest Win10.
  10. Did you set the level (on the VU meter bar in Track View and on the track itself) before you started recording? And what is the situation now? Can you get the VU bar into the red? You say you turned on the 48V - what microphone is it? If you are using a dynamic microphone, such as a Shure SM58, you will need to turn the level on the mic input high because these mics have a low output. But that will not need 48V. Are you familiar with the equipment? You say you changed to CbB - what DAW did you use before? (so we can show you where the same feature is in CbB) And what interface are you using? Does it have a signal LED or a row of LEDs as a VU meter? Can you drive those into the red? Because that is the level that will be recorded by CbB. If it was low, then the interface was set too low. Why do you need a headphone amp? What do you hear if you plug your headphones directly into the interface and speak into the microphone? And how much experience do you have with recording (just so we know at what level to put our answers and advice - I may have come across too condescending for which I apologize)
  11. We had a good laugh in the old forums when this button was introduced. IIRC, it brought the number of ways to create a new track up to 7.
  12. twelvetone

    Had Enough!!

    Look in the Audio folder of your projects. The .WAV files should still all be there. Inconvenient to have to rebuild everything, but all is not lost.
  13. Whilst preparing to update to this current version and before connecting to the internet I first started Cakewalk and I got a popup in RED saying I must register using BandLab Assistant. I have never seen this popup before. The installed version was 2020.08, so not that long ago. How often does one have to register? On another PC I have 2020.05 installed. There I did NOT get this popup.
  14. The OP seems to have left the building. Probably a drive-by troll.
  15. Zoom into a section that is phasing, grab a note and move it to one side. If there is another note underneath this is the cause. Somehow you are recording the same source twice.
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