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Does using a spellchecker help make you feel smarter than you really are ?

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Chubby still going strong.

For this I have respect, almost 80 in below vid.

Fack Hugh Kiss,Muttley Crews, Bon Jovis and all them money hogs


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In the 80's I auditioned at SIR Studios in NYC for Chubby Checker ...there was something like 50 guitar players hanging around waiting for their number to play . 

When it was my turn I went on stage gave him a hug , plugged in and had a blast ..

IIRC  the audition consisted of  us playing over an extended  Funky Blues Vamp in the key of E ...not any of the 50 / 60's tunes he made famous ...

The band was great. Chubby was very personable and gracious .  And before I forget ...I felt real good about what I played ....yet I didn't get the Gig ....🎸



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