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Jesse Jost

2019.07 official hotfix available!

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Hotfix version @

Please download the latest version using BandLab Assistant. The hotfix addresses these issues:

  • [New] Option to set Now Time via left-click during playback via Track view Options > Click Behavior > Set During Playback
  • Hang on project open with Allow Only One Open Project at a Time
  • Hang when trying to open MIDI files in the Playlist
  • Edit Filter not persisting correctly with Instrument tracks
  • Persist of clip envelope visibility not working as expected for Edit Filters when using Auto Track Zoom
  • CTRL-clicking a clip to select/deselect it during playback shouldn't move the Now Time
  • Duplicating synths does not duplicate synth automation
  • Duplicate Synth Track does not assign automation display track
  • Redo of Duplicate Synth not restoring synth state
  • Update HUD Smart tool button to show if tool has been customized
  • Selection from clip header using CTRL or SHIFT click doesn't always work when starting from time selection
  • Lasso select selects all nodes on envelope when track Edit Filter is set to automation
  • Mouse cursor becomes boxed in Time Ruler when right-clicking Time Ruler Zoom
  • Track focus jumps unexpectedly when clicking or navigating to closed or empty track folder
  • Time ruler delta for all absolute time rulers is inaccurate with project tempo changes
  • About box shows obsolete Cakewalk Command Center error codes

The Bakers

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48 minutes ago, Sidney Earl Goodroe said:

Starting to feel like a beta tester?😉

i thought that was the "early access" stuff? :P

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I have to tell you, you're making a so much great work with this great DAW, Thank you to the Bakers and the team!

Keep it up!

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