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Theme Names In Preferences Not Updating


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When I changed several theme file names, the list in Preferences retains the old names.

I can only surmise this is because the names weren't changed within Theme Editor itself.

However, even after I open the theme in Theme Editor (which does see the new name) and Save As with the same new name, the Preferences list remains unchanged.

I have to Save As with a different new name and then Save As again with the 1st new name for Preferences to see it.

***The Preferences list should reflect actual theme names no matter how they were changed.***

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  • I am finding the same results.  I have them in a folder using a symbolic link. Here's what I did to test:
    • Put my current user themes in a "Pulled" folder within E:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes.
      • Once I closed preferences and reopened it, the user themes were no longer listed.
    • Copied two user themes from the "Pulled" folder. 
    • Renamed them from Windows.
    • Rebooted Cakewalk, Opened Preferences > Customization > Themes
      • The names are indeed the original names before I changed them.  
    • Power cycled PC.
      • The names still show in preferences by the former name, not what Windows uses.
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