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50 minutes ago, DeeringAmps said:

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when you say “Windows UAD ” you’re using the vst plugs, not the UAD card? I tried to “love” the Octo card and the whole UAD eco system, but just never bonded..,

No - they recently (as far as I know) released this Spark package that is made up of a bunch of their plugins.  Run natively in Windows, you don't need any of their hardware.  Its a subscription option although I think you can buy it as well.  About $20 a month and there is a cheaper yearly subscription as well. 

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1 hour ago, treesha said:

Sounds great ! very clean and the mix is great over here. Thanks for talking about what plugins you used.

Thank you Treesha.  I also use iZotope Ozone, Waves RBASS and Maserati Bass,   The keyboards are Native Instruments.  I use TH-U on the electric guitars, and of course Melodyne to make the vocals better than they actually are 🙂


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12 hours ago, Bajan Blue said:

Hi Steve - i've had UAD Cards for ages but I just got quite a few of the UAD Native plug ins free from UAD just recently - I do think the Native plugins are the way to go and yes they always sound great

Good track, enjoyed it




Thank you for that info Nigel - I really hear the difference with those plugins and I am glad I am not imagining it!!  It's easy to get caught up in plugins and lose perspective.



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