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Emotional Gtr [new mix]


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Update: I took Toms advice and made some adjustments to hopefully help when streaming from SoundCloud. Hope this one is a little better.


This was inspired by Kenny's post the other day. He graciously posted the piano backing track that he had played over. I happened to have my guitar in hand, and started playing over it when I was listening to the piano track. That's how this got started. I wanted to just have some fun, but as I got going with the project it just grew into it's own thing. So I made a deadline yesterday that today by noon that would be it! I will make the deadline, but I used almost every minute of it. : )

It's done all in Cakewalk. I used CW, Waves, IK plugins for the fx. I used Jamstix for the drums and that's the stock drum sounds.

And of course I welcome any and all comments. I'm here to learn and have some fun.

Again @Kenny Wilson, thanks for the inspiration. I really enjoyed doing this. : )


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Nice tone . . . although I appreciate the "live" feel, it sounds like a mic-recorded amp with the mic a fair bit away.  Or the whole setup is in the back of the room. Any way to bring the guitar more forward in the mix would be a benefit I think. It's a cool jam for sure. And the pyrotechnics at the end were nifty!




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Thanks for the listen Tom. As I said in the post, I did it for fun. Let me explain a little more. 

Here I was at work with nothing to do. I had my guitar strapped on with my Surface setup and when I listened to the song I had some ideas that came out as I played. And I thought let me do something with this. 

And here is where the recording came in. I used a guitar I never recorded, Ibanez G10 with EMG's in it, into a Behringer UM2. Into CbB with Amplitube 4 Mesa MK IV. I monitored this on a JVC car stereo we got setup here at work. 

Took the frozen trks home and mixed at home and publish what you hear.  

I made myself a deadline that I wanted to keep because if not, I'd still be working on it. And that's when it starts going down that never ending hole that I can't seem to get out of. I am never really happy with any mix/song I do. I can always tweak some more!! So I never want to turn it loose. 

I will keep your suggestion in mind when I get back to it next week. When I listen to the song  from SC on a mobile phone, I can hardly hear the piano. SC is doing something when streaming to mobile, and I wasn't prepared for that. 

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