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  1. Kenny Wilson

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

  2. Kenny Wilson

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    SUP Chilling at Home SUP Chilling at The Cat Club Kenny
  3. Kenny Wilson

    Importing Patches from MainStage

    Honestly I don't see how your question could have a simple answer . MainStage is a Mac only application . Cakewalk by BandLab is a PC only application . I have both MainStage 2 on both of my older Mac's . I also have Cakewalk by BandLab on a couple of PC's . Yes MainStage is amazing . A lot of Bang for the buck .Those sounds combined w 3rd party and what comes w BandLab could really help go a long way as to creating some choice tones . The only thing I can tell you is when ever I want to incorporate MainStage sounds into a Cakewalk project I will treat my Mac as if it is a hardware synth and or as an external rack mount channel strip. I usually do it 2 different ways . Both Old School . #1 , Once I dial up a patch I want to bring over to Cakewalk I simply use MainStage as a combination . MainStage becomes my pre amp / midi tone module and I will run MainStage with my Macs sound card into my PC / Cakewalk project ... I have an Apogee and a Yamaha Sound Card for my Mac. I will run either sound card into my P C VIA a Focusrite 2i4 ...to capture my sounds . MainStage is a performance / synth and sound creation tool and application , I will play my performance in real time VIA my Mac and use my PC to capture my performance . As audio . This is not very different than what MainStage was designed for since most people that use MainStage on a regular basis end up gigging w it ..( Church P & W , Broadway , Clubs as a scaled down portable rig ...Home Project Studio ...ect ect...) #2, I have also used MainStage as an external midi synth / work station / tone module . The times I used MainStage that way I would use my Midi out from Cakewalk VIA a midi cable from my 2i4 into my Mac's midi input into MainStage . While my Cakewalk project played I would then set up and audition my sounds and patches in MainStage . Once I was Happy I would record in Cakewalk ( in real time ) the sounds I had dialed up in MainStage ... I guess I had gotten used to doing things this way because back in the day I used to run hardware stand alone midi sequencers into hardware synths ... Honestly , it's not much different doing it that way now and one could get a lot of mileage out of using this type of approach ... Kenny
  4. Kenny Wilson

    Get rid of your studio

    Big Dogs always know the truth when it comes to working with a Great DAW Kenny
  5. Kenny Wilson

    Billies shuffle, Bandlab recording

    I have an Ovation just like the one in your avatar ...Say , what guitar did you play on this ? Your tune sounds pretty good playing wise ..a little to much Reverb IMHO ....other than that small crit nice . Kenny
  6. Kenny Wilson

    Melodyne version update is available.

    My Constellation had just gotten that bug from a recent update from only a few days ago .... Thank you for the newer fixed update . All seems fine now in my Orbit . Kenny
  7. Kenny Wilson

    Are You a Fan of Blue Cat Audio?

    I use the Blue Cat free plugs a lot . I think they are very good quality and they sound very good . I happen to like them better than most of the pedals I have on my pedal board . Kenny
  8. Kenny Wilson

    Get rid of your studio

    Hi Craig , That there is some Crazy stuff , I'm glad you liked it . Thank you Ed ! , I did this one as a joke ...in places it does have it's moments . The Studio Bear made me do it 🤣 I'm pretty much a Cakewalk guy at heart . Most of my music usually gets done VIA Cakewalk . When it comes to doing a score for video , I think Reapers ability to handle multiple Videos within a project as just another track gives it an edge over Cakewalk ... Your Honor ! I plead not guilty ...that's my story and I'm sticking to it ... Kenny
  9. Kenny Wilson

    Get rid of your studio

    🤣 Studio Bear! is afraid of Mushrooms . He wound up using some good old fashion tried and true green herbal enhancements instead 🤪 Kenny
  10. Kenny Wilson

    Get rid of your studio

    🤣 Kenny
  11. Kenny Wilson

    Get rid of your studio

  12. Kenny Wilson

    An Emotional Homeward Bound Journey

    I look forward to hearing from you ... P M sent all the best, Kenny
  13. Craig , OK when you are on You Are On lol I'll give you that I wonder if my 4 seconds of credit will roll over ...if I was riding a Bull I would have had a halfway good run at four seconds .. When I was young I used to think that ,,,Now it's like Oh man The Grimm Reaper is probably come and snag my culito pretty soon ... I was at the right place at the right time with the right people . paulo, gulp , I could have been a contender sniff sniff waaahhhhh lol When I went home after the video shoot in Central Park I had a cheese sandwich for diner ...times were tough for me back then Thanks for the kind word . Not that Rake , That Rake was a Hoe all the best, Kenny
  14. 😂Sure I could back then , that was when I was young ... Anyway nothing has changed for me as a result of that video ...I still have to pay extra for my Garden Tools 😂 Kenny
  15. Oh boy music in general sure was crazy back then 😂 If you think We Built This City was bad how do you think I feel about this one ...I'm the guy humping the rake at 1 : 47 Kenny PS, I thought it was fun back then . Oh well at least the rake had a good time