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[CLOSED] Cakewalk 2019.07 Early Access 2

Jesse Jost

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This very well could be related to the BIAS problem recently discovered by Noel and team, but clicking the track view interleave button a bunch of times on  a track with BIAS in the fx bin causes an Unhandled Exception error.

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I am currently experiencing a project where the GUI is not responding correctly.  (Stop button doesn’t work. Play/Rec button doesn’t light up.)  Restarted Cakewalk and it’s still persisting.  Loaded another project and it worked fine.  My most recent auto save of the project works fine for a little while then same thing. 

Ok so I’ve narrowed it to the Waves Super tap 6.  When it’s open and I’m adjusting parameters the GUI gets screwy.  Close the plugin window and it functions right again.  I usually use the Super tap 2 with no trouble. Needed another delay tap so I used Super Tap 6.  Haven’t experienced this before, so I’m not sure if it’s related to this release or not.

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Ok, I'm not sure whether the Early Access Program is only to submit bugs, or to propose enhancements also. Just in case, after trying the EA2, I leave some proposals relative to "Selection".

We can see an example GIF bellow:



- The selection shadow varies IN REAL TIME as we drag the selection markers (not just when I release the mouse button).

- We get a highlight at the extreme of the selection, every time it is snapped by some element in the timeline, for example audio/midi clips, markers, etc. This way, we can be sure we are snapping no other than the desired element.

- We have, in the control bar's Select Module, the "Select Lenght" display (as well as the actually present "Select From" and "Select Thru" ones).

- The "Select From", "Select Thru" and "Select Lenght" times change IN REAL TIME as we drag the selection markers.

- The "Select From", "Select Thru" and "Select Lenght" time formats are locked to the Transport Module's display format (M:B:T / H:M:S:F / Samples / Milliseconds), and change when we change it (Header Time Display remains free of any locking).


Thanks very much for the great job you are doing since April 2018 improving Cakewalk.


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Thanks for your feedback. Some comments:

As far as it appearing in real time it would be nice but not very efficient on a large project with hundreds of tracks and clips. Since the selection state has to be updated while you are dragging to add all those objects it would make selection very sluggish.

Regarding snapping that is already possible. If you set the snap settings in the snap module as you want the selection will snap to that. Also make sure you turn on aim assist to show the edge of the selection.

- The "Select From", "Select Thru" and "Select Lenght" times change IN REAL TIME as we drag the selection markers.

Yes this will be helpful. We'll consider it in a future update.


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19 minutes ago, Starship Krupa said:

Insert Instrument Track (simple)

Boom, Cakewalk disappears from the screen with no crash, no dialog, no dump file, nothing.

I am not experiencing this with 2019.7 ER2

Does this happen with any instrument or a particular one?

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