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38 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

JMO:  With things like webmidi and now MIDI 2.0, it would be cool to have IoT capabilities! MIDI 2.0 could open up a whole new area of hacking with regard to IoT! 

Ooo...  My old hacker mind is already having fun with this idea! 😆

I just finished the setup on a new computer for a guy who's a real joker.  He's a legal assistant for one of my attorney clients and sits in a room with a couple of females so I made one of the computer sounds that only happens rarely play a loud fart.  Of course, the .wav file itself is named so it fits in with all the other default sound files so he'll never find it. 😝

Another fun one is to make an Outlook rule that, whenever an email is received from ONE particular person, it plays a sound.  However, the real trick is to have the sound file be mostly quiet and then have it whisper "Hey!" or, even better, have it quietly say the person's name (recording this from the main firm partner would be best of course!).  Oh man, have I had fun with this one. 🤣

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On 1/14/2020 at 2:11 PM, kennywtelejazz said:


Thanks for the link,Kenny.

I compared the Maybach Lester with Gibson L es Pauls in the same price range (2 grand) in my favourite

store https://www.no1-guitars.de.

Imho no chance for gibson to beat the sound and playability of the Maybach Paulas.

I have to wait 1-2 months longer to get the Lester cause I had to buy another audio interface,

my Saffire Pro 40 starts crackling and buzzling cause of the Win 10 updates (of course, I have a TI chipset card ).

After 2 days of work I got the RME Raydat to work in my "old" box.

Now I can record with a 3 ms RTL latency  at 32 samples buffersize, that´s really .........😂

I never had thought that this is  such a  big step forward in sound and latency.



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