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Captain D's ...what chains amaze you by being open?


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How do they have over FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY locations? I don't know a single person who goes there. Who wants (most-likely)China-raised that is battered and fried? Seriously? Could it be money laundering?

What is your chain that you are surprised is even in business?

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2 hours ago, paulo said:


I went there once many moons ago because it was late, I was very hungry and nothing else was open. I've never felt the urge to return. Surely everyone who is ever likely to go there has already been there once by now ?

I used to work at KFC in the early 90's!  I actually like it every blue moon(primarily because I don't eat fried foods). There was nothing better than the Colonel's recipe in fresh oil back then. My coworkers and I did a Chicken Sandwich shootout of 8 sandwiches, and KFC placed 2nd.

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I used to love KFC when I was a kid, although I actually preferred another smaller chain called Dixie Lee. The last time I went back home in 2010, I made a point of going to Dixie Lee and it was just as good as I remembered. And my (now ex) wife absolutely loved it, too. 

Then a few years ago I suddenly had this urge to eat KFC. It had been decades.  Well, it really wasn't good and my body wasn't happy with my decision for the next 2 days. I felt like a semi-clogged toilet.

Restaurants chains can change radically from on country to another - even from state to state.

Back home,  A&W was my favorite (fast food) burger and fries place. Down here, I found it to be no better than McDonald or Burger King. Same with Applebees which I loved in NY but which is rather passable down here in Vegas. I think I've had Jack in the Box once and found it quite average. Never been to White Castle - although I was curious to try because of that Harold and Kumar movie...

Anyway, I never eat fast food anymore, but I would probably indulge every now and then if there as a A&W that tasted like the ones back in Quebec.


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13 hours ago, Rain said:

Back home,  A&W was my favorite (fast food) burger and fries place.

A&W used to be run by the owners here. Then it turned in to a Mcd's type situation where you have an owner or group of owners that just sit back and collect the money and pay people the bare minimum to keep it going. That's when they changed here. But they used to be very good. Now it's rare to see one here.

I looked in to 'buying' a Mcd's a few years ago. At the time it cost $1M and iirc you had to have another $500K cash in the bank. A lot of times groups of investors will buy these chains and never even see the restaurant.

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