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Theme easy on eyes (update)soft yellow meters

martsave martin s

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i have combined the (tracks-view)from Mariano theme(Boston Flowers),

and i make the console-view to my taste..

my theme name is easy on eyes

theme douwnload

(here is an update)

image hebergeur
photo du web


(tracks view)

 (clik to zoom)




thanks for looking







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I like this theme a lot.  I use a Dell laptop and normally my eyes start to feel strained pretty quickly.  This theme feels easy on the eyes.

One small complaint or change request.  Look at the screen shot below and notice the Sonitus insert plugin.  That color doesn't look too bright in the screen shot but on my computer screen those rectangles pop out from the screen like a 3D image.


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FWIW, I'm seeing the same thing.   I exported what I think is the right item to a *.png, and according to GIMP the color's RGB and hex code do match up to a pink variation.

Theme FX Bin Color Details.png

FWIW, the hex code is FF7F7F


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