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  1. so you arm-for recording your track(with input-echo to on) then you start to record does it work?
  2. if you press record (with input-echo-on)do you hear the drum?
  3. martins

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    im using XnView free,i made all my colors theme with it,but thanks for your program..
  4. martins

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    thank you mr Jim
  5. martins

    Any offline cakewalk installer available?

    i have one on my computer but i dont know if im alowed to upload it?? also it's a old version..
  6. martins

    Forum members /home country ?

    quebec CA
  7. martins

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    welcome Felipe
  8. martins

    Tools Editor

    can you tell me what i need to write there?
  9. martins

    Tools Editor

    i mean a clip selected in cakewalk..
  10. martins

    Tools Editor

    ok sorry
  11. martins

    Tools Editor

    it open foobar but it do not play..
  12. martins

    Tools Editor

    is there a way to integrate foobar2000?
  13. martins

    2019.07 Feature Overview

    thank you cakewalkers!!!