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Using LoopMIDI with Guitar Pro 8 to input elsewhere


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During the Guitar Pro 8 discussion, there was a video about LoopMIDI in there I took a look into. This video embellishes that a bit and discusses how to work with Guitar Pro 8, but allow the sounds to be played by 1) Ample Sound standalone app, 2) Cakewalk by BandLab, and 3) Studio One 6. That discussion also went into where to get free *.gp files, and there are several. The one I used in the video came from https://www.theguitarlesson.com/guitar-pro-tabs/. If you link them to Facebook or Twitter, you can download right away, but if not, you need to wait for 20 seconds each time.

Studio One 6 was a bit interesting in that adding an instrument doesn't have the same options as adding a controller, but you can set LoopMIDI to be the input to a controller even if that controller is not connected. Go figure.

I hope this helps some folks.





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@mettelus Thanks for putting this video together. Nice job! I am using LoopBe30 (the paid version of the free LoopBe1), but it's basically the same as loopMIDI. I'll have to mess around with it in SO6 Pro. You've saved me some initial frustration. Thanks again.

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