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Convert to Step Sequencer Feature Not Always Available

Todd Groemling

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For countless years, Cakewalk has had an issue that perplexes and frustrates me:

When I want to convert a MID clip to a Step sequencer clip, I click on the clip 1x , right click to get a pop-up menu and...somtimes, but often enough to be too frequent, the Convert MIDI Clip(s) to Step Sequencer feature is sometimes grayed out OR does not even appear in the menu.  


1) Why is this happening?

2) Can this be fixed?

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Needed to provide more clarity about the issue
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Just had a look at the code which greys out that command.

The conditions are:

1.  The selection contains something other than step sequencer clips
2.  The first stream in the selection is a MIDI stream.

I suspect you've got an envelope stream (either automation or tempo) in your selection.

Try switching off "Select Track Envelopes with Clips" in the TV Options.

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Appears there are some inconsistencies. Of late I've noticed the main top menu selection grayed out while MIDI clips have it available via right top icon list.

However, as with the OP, right-click selection is grayed out. No automation and "Select Track Envelopes with Clips" is off.

Today it was available in the main menu the 1st time I launched CbB. But upon closing and reopening it, the main menu selection was again grayed out. Each time I loaded the same project, focused several tracks to check, then closed without saving.

The only consistently available option here is the clip right top icon list. Opens SS every time.

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@msmcleod Thank you for the advisement.

Presuming I will experience this issue again,  I will look next time whether Select Track Envelopes with Clips is checked and/or if I have track automation.

I suspect I do have track automation on, but I don't think Cakewalk should let that prevent a MIDI clip from being converted to a step sequencer clip. If so, then Cakewalk should let me select convert to step sequencer and give me a pop-up to say why the request cannot be executed AND direct me what I could do. Now THAT would be a helpful feature: Allow a user to become more efficient without having to post here. But until then, thankfully, at least this forum exists.

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