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Hi guys,

I hope all of you have had an incredible 2018 and are looking forward to winding down (if you haven't already) for the Christmas period. For everyone around the world on the BandLab Technologies, BandLab (and CbB) team, it's been a mad 12 months with a tremendous amount of milestones reached, but one of the crowning highlights was of course getting the opportunity to get to know this particularly community better and to bring Cakewalk into being part of our group journey. It feels like only yesterday we were releasing the news, and I hope you guys haven't felt that we have let you down in the months since.

We have seen an amazing take-up of Cakewalk since we relaunched the product as Cakewalk by BandLab - far beyond even our own expectations. As I mentioned in a blog post yesterday about reaching 5 million users earlier this month on BandLab - we are humbled by the support, feedback and passion with which you, the community, engage with us, the product and each other. There are too many names to thank, but none of what we have today with Cakewalk would have been possible without Noel, Ben and their desire and vision to be part of the opportunity forward with us here at BandLab.

So with that, an early Christmas present we have for all of you is the launch of the new forum! As promised, we wanted to make sure the old format lived on - topics, threads and an incredible resource for anyone getting to know the product. It's not been ideal that we had to turn off new sign ups to forum.cakewalk.com, especially for the massive community of new users who have flooded in around the world to start using Cakewalk - but we hope it was worth the wait.

It's a little empty at the moment and is really a clean slate, so please make yourselves feel at home. Forums only exist to serve the community that lives within them so instead of seeding content we thought it would be best to leave it fresh for you to jump in and get comfortable. Instead of the previous situation where nothing can be hosted on the site - we've also decided to launch with everyone having 50MB of usable space per user and there's also a snazzy new BandLab integration (written by Jesse) that allows you to leverage our embeddable players to share your music with other members of the community. Notifications and emails are also all working, though you may experience a couple of emails going to spam, especially if you use Gmail, so make sure you check in that folder if you can't find any notifications from the forum.

Jumping in is easy, just like this forum was accessed via a single sign-on Cakewalk account - this is now the case with your BandLab account and you can connect straight through and set up your profile. 

I hope you guys will like the new home and we look forward to sharing more about the things we've got in the roadmap for the year ahead. If any of you are planning to be at NAMM in Anaheim for the January show, please also don't hesitate to reach out and stop by to say hello!

Much love,

Meng & all on the BandLab Team

p.s please also send your appreciation to @Jesse Jost and @laurent for their hard work in getting this place up and running amongst all the other things they are working on!

Why did we create this new site for the forum instead of continuing to use the old one?

As I'm sure you'll notice, the new site allows us to develop on a much stronger infrastructure and architecture for the go forward - providing our users the opportunity to create new accounts (sorry!) but also to introduce more forum tools, user storage, Q&A discussions for better technical engagement, community voting and more.

The new site also helps to provide a fresh start for the go-forward whilst not destroying the structure of the old site and potentially affecting the value of it as a resource to the community.

Will the old forum go away?

In a couple of weeks' time, the old forum will become read-only, at which point you will no longer be able to post. However, we feel (and have taken your recommendations) that it remains a vital resource for the long term and we intend to keep it hosted and to remain in its current place at https://forum.cakewalk.com.

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