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Jeffrey Benson

Can anyone recreate this bug?

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I can get Cakewalk V2019.05 Build 31, 64 bit to crash by doing the following:

  1. In the track view, bus tracks, expand a track's envelopes
  2. Create a volume envelope with some nodes
  3. highlight the entire envelope by clicking box to the left of the envelope's label
  4. Copy Special (ctrl+alt+c), and only select the "track/bus automation"
  5. Without moving, immediately Paste Special (ctrl+alt+v), and select a different bus to paste the envelope (either with, or without an existing volume envelope)
  6. In my case, this will result in an Unhandled Exception error

The DMP file is too large to upload

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2 hours ago, mettelus said:

Nothing to add, but wanted to comment on how nicely presented the OP was.

I'd like to add how nicely the  - " chief of all things awesome"  responded. Thanks Noel.

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