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Age of GTR plug-ins.

Starship Krupa

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My oldest one is probably the (still excellent) Voxengo Boogex.

My newest one is (claimed to be hot stuff, although, it has no cabinet or spring reverb emulations) MTurboAmp.

Somewhere in there is the Overloud TH3 that comes with Cakewalk. I'm not sure how old it is. bx_rockrack, age also unknown.

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Funny how we each gravitate towards different plugins.

I've got a bit of a collection including those mentioned and numerous others. I almost always end up back at Amplitube.

I currently have versions 3, 4, & 5 installed. I mostly use v3. Lost some free items in 4, and 5 is just far too resource hungry.

others? Revalver,  guitar rig, gk, and a few names slipping my collapsing memory...

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I too gravitate towards Amplitube 5. I just know it so well. But I also use THD U, (that Metro Amp is bad azz.) 

Been using Kuassa  lately and just started using some of the Assault stuff too. Not beyond reaching in the tool box to grab NI GR and Waves GTR.

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11 hours ago, Tim Smith said:

I thought Boogex was ok but the name always reminded me of this-

Pickin' 'n' grinnin'?

As with any Voxengo plug-in, it sure ain't easy on the eyes. Meldaproduction gets some hate in these parts for its homely UI's, but man, they got nothing on Voxengo.

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My first were  Flying Haggis from DB Software (still works and I still use it, although 32bit only) Alien Connections Revalver - eventually stopped working after sold to Peavy I think it was and Nomad Factory Rock Amp - never used that one much

Waves GTR - that never worked properly and I gave up on Waves a long time ago

Amplitube - I sort of gave up on this as well as it always seem to need new bits (purchased) to work!

Guitar Rig - occasionally

now if I use Amp Sims, I  mainly use Kuassa, S Gear, overloud, and a couple of individual Amps from Plugin Alliance.

If possible I now try and record off a real amp - not always possible but I prefer it sound wise




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Nembrini (ODS, Faceman, HiVolt, MRH159, DC30, BST100, Cali Reverb, Mrh810)

PA (everything other than the Mesa sims, first two ENGLs, rackrock player, SE100)

Amplitube 5 (everything other than Mesa 2)

Melda (MTurboAmp + MCab) 


Don't use but have


Positive Grid (though the pickup "change" option is nice in a pinch)

Guitar Rig

Audio Assault

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Installed and used

Aplitube 3/4/5 (All gear available)
Softube - ALL
BIAS AMP 1/2 Pro/Elite (All expansions)
BIAS FX 1/2 Pro/Elite (All expansions)
Kuassa - ALL
Nembrini - ALL
Audio Assault - ALL
Waves GTR
Waves PRS Supermodels
OVERLOUD TH2, TH3, TH-U (Only used for TH-U Supercabinet)
Studio Devil - ALL
ReValver 3/4 (Only use for ACT Combo Amp Clones)


Installed, not used

S-Gear 2/3
Nueral DSP - ALL
Mercuriall - ALL
Kazrog Thermionik - ALL
Ampire (S1) ALL Extras
Guitar Rig 3/4/5/6
Amp Lion Pro

Probably forgot some that never made it to the last build/install, just as the not used ones here wont make it to the next build/instasll.

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On 8/25/2022 at 8:35 AM, craigb said:

Pick it, lick it, roll it, flick it! 😜

Come to think of it, they make a product for guitarists called gorilla snot. I guess it's pretty grippy when it dries.

In hindsight, I'm going to guess the "boogex" was intended to sound similar to a mesa BOOG ie. You could prolly get some canon ball sized sound out of it.


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BTW I forgot to mention a couple of extras...


Nembrini (don’t remember the actual names, but I use them both often)

Klon Clone

Rat Clone


Distortique Face Bender

(this box offers a choice of either arbiter clone or tone bender flone)


I've had lots of fun and good results with these...

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4 hours ago, daveiv said:

What are your favorite Audio Assault amp sims?

Shibalba, then it would be a race for second.

This is of course with the proviso that good 3rd party Cab IR's are used.

The only Amp Sim I've come across that doesn't require the use of 3rd party IR's is Amplitube 5, all the rest IMO 3rd party IR's are a must.

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I always go direct with bass. The tone I'm trying to nail right now is B.B. Dickason's on War's "The World is a Ghetto" (and "Cisco Kid" from the same album).

The attack, the low end growl when he launches into the chorus. I suspect that it's a cranked Ampeg B15, but I'm not sure. It's difficult to find a plug-in that will do the low end growl very well. the best results I've gotten so far are with elysia mpressor first to get the attack, then Bass Professor Mk II for some multiband compression, then Black Box HG for the growl.


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