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"Likes" and "Plays"

Byron Dickens

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On 8/12/2022 at 7:22 PM, bdickens said:

What would be the purpose of bots going around giving likes? What would anyone be getting from it?

Depends on the bot, who put it there and what their objective is: data harvesting, cyber reconnaissance, financial fraud, identify theft, disruption attack or phishing to name just a few. Normalising your profile (as a bot) is all about looking legit and cultivating online relationships - you never know when you're going to get the chance to pull the trigger or deploy your payload. 

Or maybe just sit, watch, wait and keep dropping those likes - you never know when a person of interest will light up your radar screen. 😳


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Any stats out there on who listens where and what they listen to? 

I think there are the hard core listeners who have a track playing all day and sometimes all night. While others just dip their toe in here and there. 

If they actually have that data and it's reliable, it probably goes without saying they need to track individuals and their habits. I think the big hitters have that data and then some.

I don't trust soundcloud as far as I can throw them. Too many paid shills. I hope the others are more reliable.


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