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Pfft .... they all said I'd amount to nothing in life.

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12 hours ago, SteveStrummerUK said:

But they were wrong.


I invented the world's first invisibility cloak and made millions.






If they could see me now.




Hey Steve ,           :P

Superman was hanging out with a  few of his Super Hero friends at the Super Hero Club House where he went on and on about is tale of woe about him not getting any.

After about a half  hour of listening to his kvetch The Flash interrupted the man of steel  and said "hey  my super hero brother you are Superman  ! the man of steel , what woman wouldn't want a little piece of that ?  Listen to me , why don't you fly on over to the nudist beach and when you see something you like  swoop on down and introduce your self " Surely that could work for you "

Superman said"  sure I can do that . do you think it will work " ?

The Flash said "Yeah  man after hearing your story,  what else do you have to loose' ? "You don't want to turn out like Kenny do you "?

With out a further moments hesitation ,  Superman jumped on out the window and flew his way on over to the nudist beach .

While he was doing his fly by  he spotted   a naked lady on lying on her back in the sand waving her arms and moaning ..

Thinking that was his invitation to break the dry spell Superman swooped on down , landed on top of her  , and went all super ballistic biological   jackhammer   on the poor unsuspecting lady .

When  he was done he hopped on off  and flew on into The Sunset  ....

After what seemed like an eternity of shocking silence  the woman screamed out   at the top of her lungs .

"What the heck was that "?   

 " I don't know but my butt hole Shirley Hurts " said The Invisible Man



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