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(SOLVED) Kontakt Not Updating DLLs


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I updated Kontakt 5 to the lastest 5.8.1 thru Native Access.

The standalone EXE file updated fine.

The plugin DLL files did not update at all except for the AAX files in the Avid folder.

How do I get NI to update the DLL's?

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There are a few possibilities.

The DLLs may only be pointers to the content and they may not need to be updated. (I could be mistaken.)

You could try moving the Kontakt DLLs and then try to update.

Last ditch would be to delete the apps and DLLs and see if it replaces them then.

Most extreme case would be delete the content, the apps, and Dlls and reinstall the whole thing.

I think asking on the NI Kontakt forum you would get a response there as well. 

I had to redo my HD and Windows 11 so I am currently, as I type this, doing a fresh install of my NI Collector's edition and a ton of other Kontakt VSTs. 

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