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What Happened To Synth Controls Graphic?


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Hi sjoens,

Seems Ben (or someone at Cakewalk) changed the graphic.  For what reason I can only guess.  Which design do you prefer?  I am sure it can be changed in the Theme Editor.

Kind regards,


P.S. disregard if my response is just stupid irrelevant.

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11 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:

I'm out; I have no idea how to even make those knobs show up.

11 hours ago, sjoens said:

Synth Rack has to be floating or in Multidock, then hit the far right (blue) button.

They're hidden while docked in the Browser.

Would be nice if they weren't as new users probably have no clue they exist.

44 minutes ago, 57Gregy said:

Lots of old users had no idea the existed (raises hand).

YUP!!!!  Long time user (since MS-DOS, but I had limited use of TTS/SONAR/Cakewalk during the years I was sequencing mainly via hardware sequencers built into ROMplers/Samplers/etc.).  I learned about the expanded Synth Rack features here in 2020:

Astralos raised some issues with the expanded synth rack.  I posted the link in case others want to read about them. Its a relatively short thread; didn't catch much attention. 

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