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Updated several utilities for CbB v2.0.10 2023-05-06


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The tools have been completely rewritten.  All have font support, light and dark styles. Upsample Editor now supports in table edits. VST Inventory has selectable columns.

Old Launchpad users make sure to copy "CbB Tools.exe" into the old Launchpad folder. Others may copy the "CbB Tools.exe" where ever they like such as "C:\Program Files\CbB Tools"

I will leave the old versions available as the new ones no longer support 32bit SONAR.

I added font size selection to a few of my CbB/SONAR utilities. There are updated versions of

  • Launchpad - an alternative to the start screen
  • Plug-in Upsample Editor - a tool to manage upsample data in Aud.ini
  • Tools Editor - a program to manage the tools section of the Utility menu

available here along with a few other CbB/SONAR related things. The utilities are about half way down the page. As always, if there are questions or issues with anything on the page just let me know.

For best performance, whitelist the "CbB Tools.exe" process in your antivirus software. Inventory Tool really benefits from whitelisting.


Edit: Launchpad v1.6 released 14 Aug 2019

Edit: Launchpad v1.7 released 24 Sep 2019

Edit: Launchpad v1.8 released 25 Sep 2019

Edit: Launchpad v1.9 released 2 Dec 2019

Edit: ToolsEditor v1.3 released 31 Dec 2019

Edit: Launchpad v1.10 released 12 May 2020

Edit: Launchpad v1.11 released 14 Aug 2020

Edit:  v2.0 of all tools released 18 Mar 2021

Edit: v2.0.1 through v2.0.4 released 19 Mar 2021 

Edit: v2.0.5 released 20 Mar 2021

Edit: v2.0.6-2.0.7 released 21 Mar 2021

Edit: v2.0.8 released 1 Apr 2021

Edit: v2.0.9 released 10 Apr 2021

Edit: v2.0.10 released 4 May 2023

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Updated Launch Pad see OP for link

New features

  • a single key quick copy process to create hot backup for CbB (and  SONAR Platinum).
  • modify CbB version number in registry

For those interesting in keeping their CbB update experience anxiety free, I highly recommend using this tool. The copy process makes it easy to keep an older version of CbB available after updating the to current release.

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  • 2 months later...

Hi Scook!

Thanks very much for the tools.

They are great!

I have just downloaded the Tools Editor, and when I run it on my x64 windows 10, in a laptop with screen resolution of 1366 x 768, I can not see the bottom of the program windows, so I can not go on with the OK Click for the entered data to take effect...

Do you have any workaroud for this?? is it a bug of the program update?? or... is just me  forgeting something??

I attach a prints creen of what I am talking about.

Thanks in advance for your response and (I hope) help on this!! 





Cropped program window.png

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You could turn on the Auto-Hide Task Bar option, to give a   little more room.

Bob Bone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Thanks for the data Scook and Bob, Iwill try decreasing the font size. 

And Bob... I had already tried hiding the task bar, but the program windows was not increased anyway in that case.

Thanks again to both of you for the quick answers.!


Regards from Argentina!

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Problem solved Scook! I've just did what you indicated,and  reducing the font size to 10 solved the problem, letting the program  window be completelly visible. 
Just a suggestion: Lot of laptops have the resolution height of the screen in something a little less than 800. I think would be better to default the font size to 10 instead of 12, so less people will be bothering you (like me! Je!) with this potential issue after installation of your (really good, by the way)  tool.  
Just an idea....
Thanks again for all your great and, specially, generous work for the cakewalk community!! 
I really appreciate it so much!



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scook, you said "If you start using Launchpad to save versions, it should always be used to run CbB. This way the version is set up properly."

 Once I set it up can I double click a CWP file to open CbB like I currently do? Or can I double click a desktop icon and open CbB to my template? 

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To run the most recently installed version of CbB either by double clicking a CWP file or the desktop icon, make sure to enable "Restore CW130Auto.dll on exit" in the Launchpad File menu.

Running other CbB versions outside of Launchpad is a little tricky. The safest way to run older versions of CbB is always run them from Launchpad.

Launchpad has a variety of ways to manage lists of projects. I have no need to run CbB outside of Launchpad. Once CbB is started inside Launchpad, one has access to the CbB Start Screen and Launchpad's project lists.

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At the time that check was added, I only planned on having the program support SONAR Platinum and Producer.

If you can give me the fully qualified name of the SONAR X3 Studio executable, I will add support for SONAR Studio.

For now, I will modify the program to silently skip unsupported Cakewalk products.

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