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Zrythm DAW Free 25 Tracks


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On 2/24/2022 at 8:51 AM, cclarry said:

Kind of deceptive saying "Free"....the free version doesn't allow you to "save"" anything...

This seem to be a very old screenshot. The current website posted by @satyabrata satapathy is different than that. Shows the version as 4.9.1 Beta and no mention that the free version is 'save' limited. So it is out of alpha now. Haven't tried it, but as @Bruno de Souza Lino stated, it does not seem to be ready for prime time just yet.

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Don't expect much performance if you don't have a  high end machine. Zrythm is built around the GTK4 framework, which is one of the slowest and worst performing graphical toolkits available out there. Most of the bugs from it can and will also emerge from GTK itself, since the devs change the API every 6 months.

Unless the developer changes to a more performing framework like Qt, this DAW is next to unusable.

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