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  1. https://bridge.splice.com/ Splice Bridge is a tool that connects Splice Sounds with your DAW in a more powerful way than ever before. With Splice Bridge, you can match your samples' key and tempo to your track, so you can easily try out sounds before you commit to buying them. Save time, save credits, and most importantly, save your creative energy. Bridge is included with Sounds+, Creator, and Creator+ Plans. Once you're subscribed to any of these, all you need to do is ensure that Splice Bridge is installed under the "Splice" section of your Apps & Plugins view in the Splice desktop app.
  2. https://www.caelumaudio.com/CaelumAudio/?Page=Choric Caelum Audio releases Choric for desktop and iOS with Intro Offer at 37.49 pound https://youtu.be/edHgMicbmOY Produce thick, rich chorus textures with up to 32 voices. Explore traditional chorus sounds and natural realistic unisons. Add movement and character to your tracks with unique modulation shapes. Enjoy the straightforward, elegant design in your new and powerful chorus effect. Choric works fantastically in a variety of uses and comes jam-packed with 50 presets in Classic, Guitar, Keys, Synth, Vocal and Misc Folders.
  3. How to Upgrade from V1 to V2 for Free? 1.Add the NeuralQ V2 to the cart. 2.Login & complete the checkout process. If NeuralQ V2 exist in your account, the price will turn to Zero. 3.For third-party purchases, please contact support with valid purchase proof to get the free upgrade. 4.Version 2 requires a new serial. The same will be generated once you complete the checkout process. INSTALLED
  4. https://tone-empire.com/shop/neuralq-v2/ Version 2 of the plugin introduces a new AI/machine learning system, lower CPU usage, new reworked presets, and a retrained model of the preamp section, and an option to resize the user interface. Neural Q 2 more accurately reproduces the original hardware units it is modeled after. This plugin faithfully captures the dynamic behavior and sound of a well-known Vintage German Equalizer and a modern Solid State Pre-Amp featuring cinemag transformers. Push the parameters to the limits and be “stunned” by the results. Circuit Modelling is a technology of the past and can never produce as authentic an analog emulation as RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks). Our new applications based on AI technologies, literally train a model and parameters of an analog device by feeding it samples of real music material. We train the system with vocals, drums, guitars, full mixes, and other instrument phrases. The Neural Network then creates a model based on weights by replicating the “effect” of the analog gear on the sound. This results in more accurate analog behavior. Available in VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac, Neural Q is on sale for the intro price of $29 USD for a limited time (regular $49 USD). Owners of the original Neural Q can upgrade for free. Note that version 1 is currently on sale for only $19 USD at Plugin Boutique. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/16-EQ/9261-Neural-Q
  5. Tone empire NeuralQ is better i guess . it too had a giveaway
  6. https://www.bitwig.com/sound-content/magnetic-drums-121/ Magnetic Drums delivers a collection of high–quality acoustic drum loops and one shots. A load of new drum loops, samples, clips and presets just landed in the Package Manager in Bitwig Studio. The Magnetic Drums sound package was recorded live at a professional studio and processed with vintage tape machines, then “remixed” into note clips that cover various styles, from hip-hop and drum & bass to lo-fi and funk. Magnetic Drums features 300+ drum loops incl. fills, variations and isolated percussion for easy arrangement. 55 one-shots. 38 Drum Machine presets. 100+ note clips with beats in many genres. Magnetic Drums is available to everyone with an active Bitwig Studio license.
  7. Version 1.2.1 of Kee Bass comes with improved GUI performance, fixed parameter automation corner case, and the rogue MIDI note names in the VST2/CLAP plugin have been removed. https://www.martinic.com/en/products/kee-bass
  8. https://www.beat.de/news/ticketvorverkauf-startet-superbooth23-jetzt-sichern-10076893.html The 1-day ticket is now available for 39 euros and discounted for 29 euros. A 3-day ticket costs 98 euros or reduced 79 euros. Admission is free for children up to 12 years of age. The ticket also allows access to all concerts, including Fuchsbau and Bungalowdorf. Only access to the special events DIY workshops and tapeloop workshop must be purchased separately. https://www.superbooth.com/de/tickets.html The trade fair for electronic music and musical instruments will take place between 11 and 13 May 2023 at the FEZ site in Berlin
  9. https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/detail/asap/ https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2023/01/24/arcam-asap/ The ASAP plugins set contains: • Spectral Remix [Free]: The plug-in allows you to control the balance of the harmonic, noise, and attack components of the sound. Beyond many original approaches, the plug-in can be used to highlight or hide certain audio elements and characteristics such as background noise, vocals, percussive sounds, and so on. • Spectral Crossing [Premium]: The plug-in allows you to cross the amplitudes and frequencies of a source sound and of a side-chain sound to generate a hybrid sound. The plug-in can be used to creatively interpolate and transform one sound into another by gradually mixing the phase and amplitude components of the two audio signals. • Spectral Morphing [Premium]: The plug-in allows you to apply the spectral characteristics of a side-chain sound to a source sound in order to transform its timbre. By using a voice sound as the side-chain on an instrument sound as the source, spectral morphing can be used to make the instrument speak. • Spectral Clipping [Free]: The plug-in allows you to expand and compress the energy of spectral components within a range of thresholds. It can be used to silent low-level sounds such as background noise or to limit high energy peaks such as high-pitched bird calls. • Formant Shaping [Premium]: The plug-in allows you to modify the vowels and play with the formant resonances of the sound. It can be used to change spoken vowels of a voice or to vocalize instruments such as a drum set. • Spectral Surface [Premium]: The plug-in allows you to draw shape filters on the sound spectrogram and to control their gain and the fades. The sound representation and the effect interface, made possible thanks to the ARA 2 plug-in extension, allow the creation of very complex and precise surface filters to reduce or increase specific parts of the spectral components of the sound. The plug-in can be used to compensate for annoying artifacts in the sound as well as to transform the sound creatively.
  10. https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2023/01/24/mindful-harmony/ https://www.mindfulharmony.app/ The app uses the circle of fifth as the basis for several features, which include: Making deliberate, purposeful modulations; Quickly finding available chords in a given scale; Experimenting with harmony and expanding your musical vocabulary. Mindful Harmony has piano, strings, guitar, and chip instruments available, and you can create chord progressions using the circle of fifth as a guide in the interface. The app is fairly straightforward to use, and it offers different circles based on different scales as well as changing the chord extensions or voicings on the fly.
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