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  1. If u think they will die they will give news of Komplete 14 and 15 together
  2. https://soundparticles.com/products Use coupon code EM25 Valid until June 30
  3. https://zaksound.com/deals/ also Buy Orange Dreams and get Lofi Stack (Sample Pack) for free
  4. They are filling in freebies 🙂
  5. A really powerful feature https://cdm.link/2022/05/midi-polyphonic-expression-has-been-updated-with-one-powerful-feature-better-documentation/
  6. i had took subscription before, but i didnt install sdc nor downloaded any plugin, so when u start subscription , do the plugins from D16 and Kilohertz u get full lisense or it works just for trail period in iLOK
  7. True but its hard to realize how much developers are really interested in bringing there products to M1
  8. So if i spend 50 i will get 20 more syntronik instruments now 😱. i just never did group buy sorry 😅
  9. So i was searching for Geist lite and found this https://www.fxpansion.com/products/geist-lite/ its no more ☠️ but found this archive somewhere in my registered mail when it was free(its still free i guess) the drumbrute one so heres a link http://www.zampler.de/upload/Geist-Drumbrute.zip
  10. actully not, it will show both the installers in ur downloads
  11. Hence i asked if its legal or not, u will also find samples for reason and NI if u take the subscription plan of komplete now and download the instruments u will get samples, wavetables, drums, and loops which u can keep and use it in samplers and use in future productions. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/komplete-now/
  12. The Type-C ports on laptops r usb c only, right?
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