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2022.02 Update 1 [Updated 9-Mar-2022]

Morten Saether

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[UPDATE 9-Mar-2022: Cakewalk 2022.02 Update 1 (build now available]

We're pleased to announce the 2022.02 release! This is primarily a maintenance release that includes fixes for various user reported issues, plus a few enhancements to audio export and track folders.

Please note that in order to automatically keep your activation status up to date, Cakewalk will renew your activation status whenever a new version of the application is installed and run for the first time, and when you sign in to BandLab from within Cakewalk. If you have never signed in to BandLab from within Cakewalk, you will be prompted once to sign in. 

The Bakers

For new feature details, see New Features.

Should you need to revert to the 2021.12 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2021.12 Rollback installer.


Update Mar 9 2022:

2022.02 Update 1 (build


Bug fixes:

  • Crash when drag/copy Arranger section in empty project
  • Crash inserting Predator3 VST3 if Side Input is enabled
  • Crash with VST3 Synth using sidechain input on playback
  • Last and only articulation map cannot be deleted within Articulation Map Editor
  • Unused articulation maps in Articulation Map Editor aren't being saved
  • Plugins are being restarted after freezing track
  • Folder names incorrect when loading track template with nested folders
  • Pitch Wheel displays value as 0–127 in Piano Roll view
  • "S" shortcut for split not working on MIDI clips
  • Export Audio dialog: Mix and Render settings should not be disabled for Clips/Tracks export
  • Audio Export: ID3 info only working for first track when using Use These Settings for All
  • Bounce to Tracks ignores clip gain after reselecting clip if Display Ghosted Data is disabled
  • Drag/drop operations in the Arranger Inspector stop working after switching from the Tempo Inspector



2022.02 Highlights



Export Audio dialog:

  • The last used custom export path now persists with the project
  • CTRL+click the Choose Export Location button image.png to reset path to the default

Track Folder:

  • You can now optionally specify if track folders should automatically expand when moving a track into them. To do so, click the Track view Options menu and select Expand Folder after Moving to Folder.

VST Scan:

  • The following new path has been added to the default scan locations: %LOCALAPPDATA%/Programs/Common/VST3/
    This path is now recommended as part of the VST3 specification, in order to facilitate using plugins on systems without Admin rights as well as to support multiple users on the same PC.

Key Bindings:

  • Mute [UnMute] all tracksSolo [UnSolo] all tracks, and Arm [UnArm] all tracks can now be assigned to keyboard shortcuts in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts


Bug fixes


  • Crash when Paste Special into existing clips using MIDI clips on empty track
  • Crash when saving track template with multiple subfolders
  • Crash when importing track template with invalid folder hierarchy
  • Melodyne crashes after copying clip

Export Audio dialog:

  • When doing an Entire Mix export with a selection range, the selection range is being ignored when calculating the estimated file size
  • Track folders that only contain subfolders do not display correctly
  • Export Path changes unexpectedly after save
  • Open Export Folder opens incorrect folder after saving project

Track folders:

  • Folder +/- incorrect after drag move to folder
  • Track templates do not save folder hierarchy unless there is a track at each level
  • Track template inserts incorrectly when inserted from track within folder
  • Cannot use shelf tool to drag to max if folder is above current track
  • Insert Instrument missing from folder context menu
  • Drag drop tracks/folders should force a left drag gesture when dragging under a collapsed folder


  • Recording over top of Melodyne clip does not display correct clip in comp track
  • Browser fails to show categories with non-alphanumeric characters
  • What's New link in toast notifications should not close toast
  • Articulation description not shown in Event List view if it's too long
  • Replace Synth should show the synth plug-in UI
  • Delete Track/Bus menu items should be grayed out from Console view context menus during record
  • Arrangement preview should be blocked when recording


  • Solo button grouping not working with Simple Instrument Tracks
  • Unable to change outputs for multiple instrument tracks with quick group
  • Multichannel PCM Wave Files fail to import in projects with different sample rates
  • Dragging in a track template without an open project results in corrupt project
  • Mono sends are not retained when reopening project
  • Remove Silence removes clip name
  • "Cannot Read File" error when importing user MIDI files with bad track counts
  • Ripple Edit All does not work as expected with Meter/Key changes
  • Event Inspector can cause clip to move when aborting start time edit
  • Gluing MIDI notes with concurrent controllers selected deletes the controllers
  • MIDI Sysx saved as bank, ignoring settings
  • [REGRESSION] Tab to Notes in Piano Roll view stops working after Set Measure/Beat At Now
  • Delete Hole fails to ripple Tempo Track if not explicitly selected
  • Aux Track not dimmed with dim solo
  • Editing project while waveforms being built causes process to restart


  • VST3 bus activation sequence in Cakewalk causes side effects in certain JUCE plugins
  • ProChannel PC76 fails to load UI in user project
  • Plug-in automation node not read correctly during loop in user project
  • Initial/Reset VST sandbox scans fail to populate menus and shows zero plug-ins scanned
  • ARA capable plugins fail to work properly when inserted via an FX Rack


Latest release notes are here.
See prior release notes.
Check out all new features released to date.


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