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Time to upgrade.


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It's time for a new DAW. This time around I need it to be dual purpose. I'm going to use it as a DAW/very lightweight video editor and a gaming PC. The video card I'm going to go with is the RTX 3060 TI. I only play the older Fallout series and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. They've been heavily modded over the years and I want to get in to that.

The thing I'm running in to is, all the prebuilt systems I'm finding are water cooled. Yet, if you buy the cards stand alone to build your own system they come with fans. So I'm at a loss. The cards stand alone cost as much as system builders charge for entire systems so I pretty much have to buy a prebuilt one.

Any thoughts on why all the prebuilt's are water cooled? Are they getting them cheaper without cooling hardware on them and using their own cooling setup? Or do you have to have them water cooled? I do not want to deal with the whole water cooling thing.

Any input on that or who to go with for a prebuilt system. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

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Suggest you contact @Jim Roseberry, he’s a long time Cakewalk user, musician and his company, Studio Cat make DAWs among other systems. 

He also consults (for a modest fee) and will provide a parts list for a self build. 

it’s a great service because he knows which bits are compatible, reliable and suitable for your specific needs. 

contact him at the above through this forum  



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On 1/30/2022 at 4:58 AM, Michael Vogel said:

Suggest you contact @Jim Roseberry

Thanks. I did. He got me a great price on a great new system but unfortunately video cards are so expensive now. The system price was great, but adding the video card  I want blew it way out of budget so I'm going to have to hold off more to see if they come down. I need a video card this time around because it is going to be a dual purpose system.

I was also under the impression that Windows 10's support was ending early next year and it appears I was wrong. It's actually 2025. I think what threw me off was I had read that some builds of Window's 10 were no longer being supported. But the upgrade to a newer build is free and those are going to continue for several more years. I think that's where I misunderstood what was going on with that. So that gives me a little more time. My CPU isn't supported by Windows 11 so I pretty much have to upgrade if I want to stick with a supported OS but it seems I have quite a bit more time to wait and see if video cards come down in price.

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