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Ding A Ling The Christmas Bell


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This is another Christmas song my brother and I recorded back around 89 on a 4 track tape machine. He sent me the master tapes a few weeks ago and I transferred them in to my DAW and cleaned them up and added some new stuff. As with the other one, I used Ozone 9 Advanced to mix and master it. I wasn't happy with how the original instruments were mixed down on tape and I couldn't fix it so I used the drums as a marker and re-recorded everything except his vocal track. It's the only thing original to the recording we made in 89.

My Brother: Vocal (1989).

Me: Everything except the vocal track. (2021) It's true to the non-quantized original recording we did. No quantizing, or studio trickery. I used my Epiphone Sheraton II, Free high quality glockenspiel samples from University of Iowa, Cakewalk SI Bass, a free Christmas jingle and sleigh bell VST, and Session Drummer 3. All played live. It's modeled after the original by Lynn Anderson. The fast walkdown guitar part was murder. I must have done 150 takes trying to get the timing right. It's a lot harder than it sounds. Hah.

As with the other one I used the meters extensively. Any input good or bad is always welcome on the mix, performance. Anything. Thanks again.

Hope everyone enjoys. Thanks for listening. Merry Christmas.


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Thanks guys. This isn't an original tune of mine and I'm sorry I forgot to mention the original artist. It's a very old and very obscure country song by a lady named Lynn Anderson. Conway Twitty recorded it too.

The version my brother and I did is almost identical to the original L. Anderson version. I don't like Conway's version.

Thanks for listening and the feedback. I wish I could have gotten all 7 done that we recorded. Hopefully I'll still be around next year to finish them.

Edit: Her big song was Rose Garden. That fast guitar part was in Rose Garden and they reused it in this Christmas song. I tried to emulate it and it was a lot lot harder than it sounds. 

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1 hour ago, Jim Fogle said:

I visited your Soundcloud site and am confused as Ding A Ling is not visible.

I set it to Private. I could change it to public. The worse that could happen is they take it down for copyright stuff.

Side note ... It's all done in Studio One but I don't post there because for some odd reason they don't allow you to post private soundcloud links.

Thanks for listening and responding.

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