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Blue Aston (2021.12) Theme

Herbert Zio

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I know a lot of people like to use this theme, so I made some updates to it, where I made some color corrections, including customizing the buttons for new features, along with the "Archive" button.
I also made some corrections to some elements of the "Step Sequencer", and also to "Notes".

For those who want to download this theme, follow the download link.

Blue Aston (2021.12)

Below I'll leave some images of the color corrections I made, in case you want to check the previous version.




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3 hours ago, Colin Nicholls said:

Hey, @Herbert Miron, are you officially taking over "ownership" of this theme? I took up the slack and modified it for, I think, 2021.06, but I'd be perfectly happy if someone else took over that responsibility going forward. Thanks! 

I use this theme sometimes, and as I had to update it because of the "Archive" button, and seeing that some users of this theme were reporting issues with the "Archive" button, I decided to share it with the changes I made. I can keep sharing if I make any changes or improvements, although it's already a pretty complete theme, except for new features that might be released in future Cakewalk updates.

I also understand that it's not easy to be editing themes, I had a recent tendinitis creating a theme for personal use, which took a lot of hours and patience.

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