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  1. If the problem disappears on restart, then it is Windows problem when reading. Bug is when even after making several attempts the problem persists.
  2. Really, I noticed that when I put the yellow color in the folder, the "+/-" is very opaque. I made a change to the "open/close folder" of the Mercury theme. I left it attached in case you want to try it and see if it improved the view. 👇 Mercury 2.sth
  3. It doesn't necessarily have to have folder nesting, but something that we could have faster access to certain groups of tracks, like an option to group them by category so we could show or hide the tracks. Like a folder anyway. For example, if I'm working on a project with more than seventy lanes, if I'm exactly on the last lane and I need to go back to the first lane, or any lane that is in the middle of the course, I have a long way to go via the scroll bar. If you could group it by categories, like a track folder, that would be really great. In this way, the control surface would not be affected. Although there could even be a nesting, but not cascading like in track view, just unfolding folders. And of course, that it was a user option to use this feature. Anyway, it would be like when we create subgroups, only with the option to show or hide the view of the tracks.
  4. It depends on your point of view, if the feature I discovered on my own is not listed as a feature, it is a bug. If the idea is to push the "DAW" forward with a bug, ok. 🙂👍
  5. I must have confused it with another DAW I use, which when using the command Ctrl + A selects only the clips! Anyway, I found out through tests, it would be nice to inform if this would be the option to indent all clips, after all, nobody knew how to inform that this would be an option, I just saw attempts to kill the subject as if it were something normal [like always happens], and I ended up discovering on my own that I did have a possible option. Anyway, thank you all for your attention, excluding of course the arrogance mixed with sarcasm tones! 😉
  6. I found a way to shift the clips using Ctrl + A, once everything is selected, shift it a little forward and only the selected clips will remain, then you will be able to go back. 2021-12-12 22-29-36.mp4
  7. I know this, but I don't remember this happening in past releases, I always start projects two bars ahead, and when I finish I move back two bars, for example: If I want to cut the introduction part of a project I'm doing, and wanting to shift the entire project a few bars back, or even to the first bar, can't do without having to manually change the selection in "Time Ruler", or select clip by clip on each track, and I've noticed that happen in this version, I don't remember this happening in the past version. So this is not a resource request, but something that was already there and is behaving differently today. Many may not have noticed, perhaps not paid enough attention to this feature before, or do not usually use it.
  8. Oh yes, I get it. When I select everything with Ctrl + A, the part with no information is also selected, which prevents the clips from being moved. But if I have more than one clip on each track, I'll have to select them one by one if I want to move them, or is there any way to select just the clips without having to shift the selection bar?
  9. Is this a Bug"? When using the shortcut "Ctrl + A" to select all tracks, I can't drag them to the beginning of the measure. And when trying to select them by scrolling through the numbers some are not selected. InShot_20211212_200009546.mp4
  10. I use this theme sometimes, and as I had to update it because of the "Archive" button, and seeing that some users of this theme were reporting issues with the "Archive" button, I decided to share it with the changes I made. I can keep sharing if I make any changes or improvements, although it's already a pretty complete theme, except for new features that might be released in future Cakewalk updates. I also understand that it's not easy to be editing themes, I had a recent tendinitis creating a theme for personal use, which took a lot of hours and patience.
  11. I know a lot of people like to use this theme, so I made some updates to it, where I made some color corrections, including customizing the buttons for new features, along with the "Archive" button. I also made some corrections to some elements of the "Step Sequencer", and also to "Notes". For those who want to download this theme, follow the download link. Blue Aston (2021.12) Below I'll leave some images of the color corrections I made, in case you want to check the previous version.
  12. I'm not sure, but I believe you're using the "Blue Aston" theme, if that's it, I'm providing an updated version of this theme, where I made some color corrections, and includes customizing the buttons for new features, along with the "File" button. Blue Aston (2021.12)
  13. It would be great if you could include folders in the Console View, it would help a lot with the flow of the mix.
  14. The same thing happened to me, the only solution was for me to reinstall version 2021.09, because version 2021.11 was giving this bug.See the topic I created where I report the problems! CAKEWALK DOES NOT OPEN MY PROJECTS I formatted my computer several times, I stopped installing the plugins to see if it was an error, I simply closed. It was then that I asked Mark for the previous version, and when I installed it, my projects reopened again. The problem is in the full installer of the new version [2021.11]. I am waiting for the official release of version 2021.12, in the meantime I will continue using version 2021.09. If you create a new project in version 2021.11, it will open, but if you try to open any projects saved in the previous version, Cakewalk will suddenly close. See the topic I created, I posted some videos of what was happening to me, and comment if it is the same thing, this will help them understand that this is not an isolated problem, but rather, it is a failure on full installation, especially when the computer is newly formatted, or the registry cleaned.
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