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  1. Whenever I post suggestions, or report any "bug", some always appear to throw sand in the fire, I don't know if they really want the DAW to evolve or if it stays still full of "Bugs", I think the second option is the most appropriate. It's the same when we talk about improvements or new features to improve Workflow, conformists appear talking about leaving things as they are. @murat k. As for improving video support, I agree with you and it really has nothing to do with the system that it goes black when we pause, but rather it's a problem with the DAW. Below are the videos with the white video you made available, running on Cakewalk and Cubase 12 Pro. Cakewalk. 2022-07-07 21-32-44.mp4 Cubase 12 Pro. 2022-07-07 21-30-37.mp4
  2. When I referred to the "Arranger Track" and "Tempo Track" I didn't mean the "Arranger Inspector" or "Tempo Inspector", but the visualizations in the "Track View". All hail the mighty Track View. 🥴🤪 If you didn't see the image with an example I made, check it out again above! 👍
  3. You must enable "When clips are select, select track envelopes too" in "Selection" as in the example I did on the video below. 2022-07-06 11-01-06_Trim.mp4
  4. The "Track Manager" is excellent, the only problem is that it is not so practical, since with each change we have to press the "H" key all the time to be able to visualize it. It would be much more practical if we had the option to leave its visualization permanently and that as soon as we uncheck the box referring to the track or folder, we wouldn't need to press "Ok" for the action to be carried out, but that it would be something simultaneous. The way @murat k. presented would be interesting, if you didn't want to compromise the "Inspector", it could be something connected to the "Console" itself, which you could enable or disable the panel view in the "Options" above, already in the "Track View" in the "Inspector" in the tab "Track Properties" would be nice. You already have the option to open the "Track Manager" in the "Strips" menu, just put it to open it in the "Console", see the example I made in the image below, the "Track Manager" on the left inside the "Console".... It would be like the "Arranger Track" view, or "Tempo Track", you have the option to enable or disable the view.
  5. I hear you, but my suggestion would not be to link the track manager to the "Inspector", but something that is linked to the "Console View", and that has the option to select the display of this panel in "Options", where once active I don't need to keep pressing any key every time or hovering to display it. In the video I posted above as an example, I didn't need to hover or press any key for the track management panel to appear, it was just there! As I told sjoens, something like the "Inspector" in the "Console View" and not exactly in the "Inspector". You can find this feature in Cubase, Nuendo, Harrison Mixbus, Ardour, in other words, it's not a whim but an ease!
  6. Yes, something like the "Inspector" but that you have this option to activate or not this strips pane in options, in the same way when we activate activate the visualization of some elements, such as outputs, icons, narrow and widen strips, etc.
  7. When the nesting folders feature was released, I had suggested that we have this option in the "Console View", I was told it had the "Track Manager", where I could hide the tracks I wasn't working on. I know that the "Track Manager" is an interesting feature, however, my suggestion was to have something more accessible so that I didn't have to always use shortcuts and select "Ok" for the action to be executed. I was testing another DAW, and I saw in it the idea that I had suggested, I thought it would be interesting to share it here so that you can see and maybe implement the idea in the Cakewalk, it would make the workflow a lot easier. 2022-06-28 19-23-55_Trim.mp4 See that on the left side of Ardor's "Console View", you have the option to "Show/Hide Strips" and at the bottom of "Show/Hide Group", without having to access the option through shortcuts, such as the "Track Manager ". It would be interesting if this idea were implemented in Cakewalk!
  8. Exactly! If, depending on the contract with the developer, there was any clause that limited the license period, revoking it upon reaching the expiration date, not even updates would be possible, with time certain Plug-Ins would stop working! There are some Plug-Ins that no longer work due to lack of updates, as there are some that are no longer recognizable on some systems. Of course, that's drawing a hypothetical scenario!
  9. Thank you very much for clearing this doubt regarding Cakewalk when hosting VST2 Plug-Ins!
  10. I can think about several things at the same time, and that doesn't stop me from making music, unless I had some problem, like attention deficit, maybe I wouldn't be able to perform such an action. Anyway, more information should be provided about how much the fact that Steinberg discontinued VST2 can imply, and it won't take 20 years for problems to occur in the usability of Plug-Ins, even more when it comes to Plug-Ins that have already been discontinued, or even from developers who no longer exist. And no matter which DAW you are using, the developers of the other DAWs will not stand by and try to make the DAW run that old Plug-In of yours, they will all follow the market standard dictated by Steinberg. It's one thing when Steinberg released VST3, then threads everywhere on the internet were speculating about the end of VST2, another thing is Steinberg making it obsolete, which happened 14 days ago. Anyway, you don't need to waste time here on the topic, if it gets in the way of making your songs. I just raised a question regarding the Plug-Ins belonging to the Sonar Platinum package. 😉
  11. Maybe Steinberg is already working on some bridge to run VST2 as VST3, after all, they can make a flash money selling this solution, after they created the problem themselves. 😂 Let's wait and see what will happen!
  12. Business, generate profits, even more so when it comes to Steinberg, who charge everything they can charge, forcing users to buy new Plug-Ins according to new established standards where the domain will always be theirs.
  13. I was reading an article, and their idea is "evolution", unfortunately there are many good VSTs that developers don't even exist anymore, and if the trend is for all DAW developers to adapt to the new market standard, VST2 is probably with its days numbered. =/
  14. Ah yes, but the solution is to wait to see if there will be any update by Nomad for VST3, from what I could see, VST2 is still the commercialized Plug-Ins of the Blue Tube line at least. So, for me I don't see much advantage in purchasing them now, since I can continue using the package that came with my Sonar Platinum. Anyway, thank you for your attention!
  15. I see, I thought there was still some contract between Nomad and Cakewalk regarding Sonar Platinum users, as it was part of the Platinum package. So I thought that at least for users who had previously purchased Sonar Platinum, they could have the plugins that came with the DAW updated to VST3. Thanks!
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