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Thanks for a great 32 years!

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Hey everyone, so sorry I ghosted you all! As for Studio One, the Sphere subscription does include their notation software, called Notion, which is super easy to learn. After a couple videos, I transcribed a string quartet of ten pages, and added all the articulations and dynamics no problem. And printing hasn't been a problem either. It even allows for a handwriting input if you have a touch screen with a stylus, as I do. Sort of amazing.

Studio One also has this Project feature which is designed for entire albums, mastering, overall effects, track order, normalizing, all at the album level, and you can drill into any song in the project and edit it like normal, and the project just integrates it. Also amazing.

@markno999 I don't want to use multiple DAWs no way no how. I have to get in the zone which is easier if you don't have to think about which DAW you're using. God knows I have enough applications I already have to know...

That said, I'm going to still be using Cakewalk regularly as well as Studio One, as my next album is almost entirely trunk songs for which I have Cakewalk projects. I'm going to try migrating them into SO, I'll see how that goes

@Starship Krupa I heard from EastWest that THEY are not supporting Cakewalk, not the other way around. EastWest tech support is where I got this information.

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