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  1. Sounds like November Rain by GNR.
  2. I can verify my older libraries did not unlock in Opus after buying (3) new products and getting Opus for free. The three new products work in Opus, my older Gold Versions do not. I can also verify that I contacted EastWest Support and they said as much, "you need the newer Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition versions to work with Opus." I would recommend doing a Chat on their site if you have any questions, they were very prompt in answering. Probably spent 5 minutes in the Chat. Regards
  3. The "older" Play libraries such as Hollywood Gold products (Strings, Woodwinds or Brass) will definitely not work with Opus. You need the newer Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition versions to work with Opus. I recently bought Ra, Hollywood Singers and Hollywood Pop Brass while on sale and Opus came for free. These newer products work with Play or Opus, while the older Gold libraries I had (Hollywood Gold Strings, Woodwinds or Brass) only work with Play. I did contract support to ask how to get my older Gold Libraries working with Opus and and they said these products will not work with Opus, however, that the $295 upgrade would provide an upgrade path for these product to work with Opus and also add Cello Solo, Harp, Percussion and Hollywood Orchestrator as well as the Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition versions of Woodwinds, Brass and Strings. Pretty good deal. Regards
  4. Question for someone that has done multiple Group Buys, are your purchases cumulative? I bought the Mastering EQ for $124.00 but there are a few things I want to pickup at the $150 level. If I make another say $50 purchase does that get tacked on to the $124.00 I already have or do I have to make another $150 purchase to get there? Thx, Regards
  5. Nice one Bat. You put out a lot of great stuff but this has to be one of my favs. Bass really drives it along nicely and guitars are fantastic as always. Fun song...great way to start a Thursday morning:) Regards
  6. markno999

    Hero (Original Song)

    Craig, Happy to take a look at it if you want to put a .cwb on Dropbox Share. Have a few ideas for transitions. Thx. Regards
  7. markno999

    Hero (Original Song)

    Craig, First, very inspirational message. Anyone who has been through cancer or knows someone who has understands the importance of positive thought and a strong support system. I like the song, performance, harmonies, etc... Maybe add an atmospheric pad in the intro behind the guitar to add some dimension. The only other thing I noticed is some of the transitions seem like they run out of gas. The verses, chorus, etc.. are very strong but the transitions back to verse or into chorus somethings run out of steam for a second. Maybe work out some drum fills to bring the energy up or down more seamlessly, or, add some transitional effects for the shift in energy/direction, or something to fill the space in those areas. Love what you did with the guitar delay, superb. Regards
  8. Very good work. Good song, performance and production. The lights and shades make it a very engaging ride. Great listen, a couple times through:) Regards
  9. markno999

    Minor twist

    Nice work, cool song and seeing you play in that relaxed environment adds another dimension to the track. Thumbs up. Regards
  10. Kenny, Don't normally get to the CoffeeHouse too often but noticed your post on the way to the Deal Forum. Excellent jam, reminds me a bit of Ronnie Montrose's "Town Without Pity." Had a couple listens and enjoyed it both times:) The only problem is that it ends... Regards
  11. Wookiee, Your "normal" song is absolutely fantastic. Would love to hear some vocals on this, you have all the ingredients in this song of many of the classic hits from the late 70's or 80's. I know Wookiee's don't sing but maybe a collab partner would lay down some vocals. You already have an excellent title, "Just a Simple Tune." Love it. Regards
  12. Esther, J'aime votre chanson et votre mix, et de très bonnes voix. Bien que la piste d'accompagnement de la musique soit bonne, j'entends cette chanson comme un peu plus edgier, c'est-à-dire des guitares et un rythme de batterie plus entraînant pour correspondre à la puissance vocale et à la performance. Juste une opinion et il est bon tel quel. Si vous allez expérimenter avec elle plus, Je pourrais envisager un peu plus difficile de conduire des tambours. Cordialement
  13. Miguel, Good song and overall production. Really like the vocals. Regarding the guitar solo, in many instances stringed instruments do not translate very well with MIDI. Your MIDI strumming parts are fine in the mix but the guitar solo is very MIDI'ish and would remain so even with the suggestions made about the sound. I would get a guitar player to learn your solo and play it for you in a more natural flow for this style of music. Many guitar players on the forum here that may be willing to do it for you. Great work though..
  14. Starise, I believe you are thinking of GuitarHacker (Herb). He did write some original Country songs and used BIAB to sketch them out as well as played guitar along with them. I believe he posted songs with various singers, including himself. He also posted some songs without BIAB backing tracks. Good to see you back Dave, I recall you were a Superior Drummer beta tester and had a lot of useful information about it. Good to hear you and your wife are cancer-free and feeling good. Regards
  15. Jeff, Yes, I think this version is better than the previous version. Close to the original version EQ but the instrumentation is more defined with the BBC samples than Kontakt instruments. Sounds good, I'm sure others will chime in as well. This music really resonates because, for me, it embodies the great generation that came before us in addition to being a really great tribute for you father. Regards
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