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  1. Good luck, hopefully you get it working before the long weekend.
  2. I have used Luna off and on since it was released in 2020. Haven't seen the Windows version yet, doubtful I will as it is currently Beta and the Mac version is very stable at present. Still use Logic Pro X , ProTools or Cakewalk as main DAWs, but often bounce out the tracks and mix in Luna. Luna is very good for mixing and recording audio, the extensions (Tape, Console, and Summing) all contribute to a sound most of us are familiar with. Individually these components are subtle, however, the cumulative effect of them on multiple tracks, busses and main out, it quite substantial. Don't see using it in the near future for MIDI as it lacks in many areas, such as Multi-Out. You can use is for MIDI but it isn't great compared to others. What it does, it does very well but does lack in some areas like MIDI. Also hate they don't have a Save As, that is probably my number one gripe with it. Personally, I don't think UA view Luna as replacing current DAWs and I think to call it a DAW is a stretch when comparing to other mainstream software in the field. When first released they called it a Recording System, not a DAW. I think that is probably a more appropriate definition of what it is currently. If I didn't do any MIDI and only recorded audio, Luna would likely be my only system. It sounds terrific with Luna Extensions. Check out the demo that comes with it. UA recently added a feature allowing you to bypass all extensions or inserts, or both extensions and inserts simultaneously so you can hear exactly what is being added. You can demo all software for 30-days including the Luna extensions so worth checking out. Regards
  3. Upper right hand corner, hit Feedback button to send feature requests.
  4. Try adding a Tri-Stereo Chorus to moderate gain tone. The Dynatronics Tri Stereo chorus was used extensively in the 80's, I think Eventide had one too. But there are many other options these days in pedals and software plugins that fit the bill. Sounds good clean or distorted, and on lead tone.
  5. Bat, Cool song, like it overall. The vocals seem pretty far back in the mix. More on the production side than the mix side, the only other thing that threw me off was the drum thing starting around 1:30. I think you had so much momentum going with that driving drum beat and bass part, I found breaking that momentum to be a little distracting. I think it would work better when you drop the instruments out to keep the same general drum beat going and maybe add some offbeat percussion instead of changing the drums completely. Very cool upbeat song and enjoyed it very much. Regards
  6. Daryl, Missed this one when posted a few years ago. Terrific song and performances by all on this rockin Christmas tune. Regards
  7. Technically it is a 32 band dynamic EQ but nothing like a traditional dynamic EQ. Brain-dead simple to use. If using for vocals use the hi and low pass to zone in on exact area you need open and leave the low end and hi end where vocals don't live, alone. Check out this vid. He explains the use pretty well.
  8. What was posted in your video is exactly what TrackSpacer does by default. The gent in the video you posted is using Soothe for something I have never used it for. Generally see people use Soothe to reduce harshness. TrackSpace is not like traditional dynamic EQ is the sense of static points like you would see in Ozone, Fabfilter, etc...It is does more than that because Trackspacer creates space in a mix by carving a realtime inverse EQ curve of your instrumental track after analysing the sidechain signal. Both have demo evals so why not try them. If you are looking to make space for vocals, Trackspacer is awesome. Regards
  9. Soothe is great, however, what the gent is describing in that video would be best achieved with TrackSpacer by WaveArts, i.e., making space for vocals by subtly ducking the instrumental track based on the vocal frequencies. $59 for TrackSpacer on PluginBoutique vs $200 for Soothe. I have both of these tools but use TrackSpacer for making space for vocals or lead instruments. Soothe is more of an overall tamer. Because digital recordings can be brittle and often harsh vs analogue or tape, Soothe does a great job taming that harshness. I often use it on vocals, guitars, cymbals, strings... anything that is either harsh or can become harsh with the buildup of multiple parts. They are very different tools but TrackSpacer is made to do exactly what is being shown in the video posted by OP. Hope this helps. Regards
  10. Bat, I remember this one, this mix is much more in your face than previous version from memory. Suits this style better. I think you also changed the arrangement, I don't recall that break-down in the middle with the sounds effects. Definitely a high octane trip. Great stuff. Regards
  11. Bat, Yes, kick sounds about right now. Really great song and trilogy. Regards
  12. Bat, Sounds good here overall. Kick may be a hair on the heavy side. I think the Kick mix, i.e., beater vs sub is right so maybe pull it down a db and see how it sits. Cool song, love it. Regards
  13. Rik, Nice track, your 3rd mix is definitely the one. Great listen. Regards
  14. Keith, Good song, has a nice early 70's feel. The songwriting is superb, strong melody, good structure, performance, and the breakdown after the guitar solo is a nice touch. Enjoyable listen for sure. Regards
  15. Rik, Nice one, takes some interesting turns. Couple times I thought I knew where it was going and it went in a different direction. Classical in nature but hear some pop in there as well. Sounds very good. Regards
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