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  1. markno999

    Minor twist

    Nice work, cool song and seeing you play in that relaxed environment adds another dimension to the track. Thumbs up. Regards
  2. Kenny, Don't normally get to the CoffeeHouse too often but noticed your post on the way to the Deal Forum. Excellent jam, reminds me a bit of Ronnie Montrose's "Town Without Pity." Had a couple listens and enjoyed it both times:) The only problem is that it ends... Regards
  3. Wookiee, Your "normal" song is absolutely fantastic. Would love to hear some vocals on this, you have all the ingredients in this song of many of the classic hits from the late 70's or 80's. I know Wookiee's don't sing but maybe a collab partner would lay down some vocals. You already have an excellent title, "Just a Simple Tune." Love it. Regards
  4. Esther, J'aime votre chanson et votre mix, et de très bonnes voix. Bien que la piste d'accompagnement de la musique soit bonne, j'entends cette chanson comme un peu plus edgier, c'est-à-dire des guitares et un rythme de batterie plus entraînant pour correspondre à la puissance vocale et à la performance. Juste une opinion et il est bon tel quel. Si vous allez expérimenter avec elle plus, Je pourrais envisager un peu plus difficile de conduire des tambours. Cordialement
  5. Miguel, Good song and overall production. Really like the vocals. Regarding the guitar solo, in many instances stringed instruments do not translate very well with MIDI. Your MIDI strumming parts are fine in the mix but the guitar solo is very MIDI'ish and would remain so even with the suggestions made about the sound. I would get a guitar player to learn your solo and play it for you in a more natural flow for this style of music. Many guitar players on the forum here that may be willing to do it for you. Great work though..
  6. Starise, I believe you are thinking of GuitarHacker (Herb). He did write some original Country songs and used BIAB to sketch them out as well as played guitar along with them. I believe he posted songs with various singers, including himself. He also posted some songs without BIAB backing tracks. Good to see you back Dave, I recall you were a Superior Drummer beta tester and had a lot of useful information about it. Good to hear you and your wife are cancer-free and feeling good. Regards
  7. Jeff, Yes, I think this version is better than the previous version. Close to the original version EQ but the instrumentation is more defined with the BBC samples than Kontakt instruments. Sounds good, I'm sure others will chime in as well. This music really resonates because, for me, it embodies the great generation that came before us in addition to being a really great tribute for you father. Regards
  8. I have occasionally gone back and listened to your original version over the past year, it is a very inspiring composition and excellent tribute. For that reason am kind of partial to the original version. I think the brighter sound of the new version may be contributing to that, not sure if it is the newer instrumentation or if you have EQ'd brighter, etc... I guess to my ears the original version sounds like it is all together in a single space where the updated version doesn't have that feel of common space as much. Would maybe consider a darker common reverb for the updated version. Regards
  9. Solid cover. Very impressed you nailed that first guitar solo so closely, it ain't easy. Regards
  10. Nice job, sounds really good. Both versions of the song are really well done (i.e. the other link posted) and it would be hard to pick a winner. Regards
  11. Great job on this epic tune. Besides the song and the singing parts, the Phil Rizzuto part was really good as well. Cool ideas to create the radio announcer vibe. Regards
  12. Been a Thin Lizzy fan for years, and saw them live in "79 when they opened for Nazareth. Nice interpretation of the song and overall well done. I do agree with Paulo that the drum loop could use some variation. Regards
  13. Didn't hear the original version before your updates, but this one sounds really good. Not familiar with the original song either but really well done. Regards
  14. Nice, very enjoyable listen and fantastic playing. Regards
  15. markno999

    The Blues

    Wow, glad this one didn't slip off the first page before hearing it. What great work, love the song, arrangement, guitar, vocals, etc... Regards
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