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  1. John, Cool song. The drums seem like they are pulling back on the song, I might look at a half-time shuffle to propel the song forward while not distracting from what is there. I think it would work with your current bass line as well. Listen to a song like Home Again by Steely Dan as a reference for this idea. If you have the Toontrack Custom and Vintage kit, check out Grooves ‘Swing 4/4 > Song 3 > 120bpm’ Some great fill ideas and cymbal variations in there as well. Regards
  2. Lynn, Thanks very much for the listen and comment. Appreciate it. Regards
  3. Thanks Eric, appreciate the listen. Yes, he is a good singer, makes mixing very easy:) Regards
  4. Really well done, everything is balanced nicely. Interesting melody and harmony..... really like the horn countermelody when it comes in. The countermelody has both an uplifting and ominous quality at the same time. Very cool track, good use of tempo changes, articulation/expression, space, etc.... Regards
  5. I got it on Thomann site for $133 USD yesterday. Very good release, I also have the Hugh Padgham Sonic Reality Kit for BFD, but this is a whole different level of quality and flexibility. Never really used the BFD one a lot but will definitely use this Toontrack version. It covers many different 80's and 90's styles and has a unique way of using the drum machines, which are also included. I have Spark2 by Arturia that are really good copies of the originals drum machines, however, interesting to see Hugh's method of also recording the drum machines live in studio where the drum kits were also recorded. Gives a very polished sounds with little effort. Regards
  6. Thanks Jeff, appreciate it. Was always one of my favorite Lenny K songs. Regards
  7. Paulo, Thanks for the listen. Yes, there are a lot of talented people that dropped off the old forum or didn't make the transition to the new forum, too many to mention. Tony was definitely one of those, other than some compression and reverb, that was his performance, didn't tune or tweak anything. Regards
  8. Good track, 95 here today and definitely feel cooler already. Super relaxing vibe. Regards
  9. Yes, unfortunately I know that secondary part of the story as well. Absolutely devastating for family members and close friends. You did a fine job conveying the message. Regards
  10. Lynn, It would be a pretty boring world if we all liked the same spices:) Had a listen to Hide and Seek, I must say I prefer your use of the effect. Obviously millions of people love the sound because Imogen Heep has a ton of fans, as does that song. Anyway, a good song and performance is a good song and performance regardless of the recipe used. Glad to see you back posting songs. Regards
  11. Wookiee, Good track, I thought the vocals worked perfectly. I don't think I've ever heard a better description of time (and life) moving forward regardless of our best efforts to stop it or slow it down. Great job. Regards
  12. Nigel, Really excellent production. Cool video as well. Thumbs up. Regards
  13. Lynn, Good to see you back. I like the song and overall production, very well done. Not a fan of Waves Harmony though, I think as an occasional "effect" or buried under real vocals, these types of tools can be effective but you can't beat real vocals at the end of the day. Tried many of these tools but end up mostly reverting to Melodyne for harmonies these days (or EW Hollywood Backup Singers). Waves Harmony, et. al., are great for sketching ideas though, no doubt. Definitely hear the Steve Miller vibe on this one. The drums and bass are super tight, great work on those. Had a couple listens through, good stuff. Regards
  14. Really good cover, you made it your own without completely changing the original version/song's vibe. Really good track, enjoyed it. Regards
  15. Thank you, appreciate it. Was a fun track to do and the singer is quite talented. He used to post on the old forum, don't think he made the transition to the new forum. Regards
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