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  1. markno999


    Bat - Was listening on my Klipsch computer speakers. Level sounds OK on headphones.
  2. markno999


    Nice one Bat. I would bring up the LV on the verses a little bit. Really like the funky groove, not easy to get multi parts working together like that. Regards
  3. Mr. T., If you want to breathe new life into an older computer your best investment is an SSD drive. Samsung EVO 870 is a good choice and they are not super expensive (about $100) Makes a huge difference, more so than RAM or other upgrades. This is assuming everything else is working properly and you don't have any problems lingering from your Windows 10 upgrade. Regards
  4. Steve, Nice work, solid performance. You did a good job channeling Donald Fagan's vocal style as well. Regards
  5. Tom, Yes, definitely was from a reference on the Deals Forum. Watch it religiously. Most of my purchases and product awareness come from that forum. Larry should get a knighthood for his efforts:) Someone had posted about a deal EW had going for updates from previous versions of Hollywood Gold family. I had HW Strings, Woodwinds and Brass from a deal many years ago. Never did too much with it but could be because Play was a pain to work with. Really liking Opus and thus, have been doing some short cues to check it out. Appreciate the listen and shout out to the Deals Forum. Regards
  6. Steve, Thanks for the listen. Yes, that is a good idea to add some distortion to help the Cello pop through, I've seen it used on Timpani too to help them pop out in busy mixes. Tried to keep the bass short so as not to conflict with the Cello lines but wasn't sure from an arrangement perspective if the bass was helping or hindering. Since it is low in the mix it probably doesn't make too much difference? Anyway, will give RBass a try. Thx. Regarding Bridge, may post an update to that soon, I replaced that piano sample with the East West Steinway D and think it sounds a little better than the original mix sample. Regards
  7. Nice work, sounds really good as a cue or as a start to a full song. Mix is really good as is the playing. Regards
  8. Good production, definitely has a TV Theme feel to it. Nice job with the arrangement, horn articulations are well done. Regards
  9. Nice one Bat, great driving rhythm and catchy melody,. Definitely takes you on a journey. Regards
  10. markno999

    Major Z

    Mark, Missed this one, cool song and super funky. Guitars are really well done. Might be interesting with some latin horn parts here and there. Certainly stands on it's own as is but if you are looking for ideas..... Have to bookmark this one for when I am running out of steam at work:) Very energetic performance. Regards
  11. Yes, figured that. Barry has such a broad spectrum of work it is hard to not find something to like about it, i.e. Out of Africa, Somewhere in Time, Dances with Wolves. etc.. Thx. Regards
  12. markno999

    Take the Knife

    Nigel, Really nice work, superb production. Had a couple listens through, nice. Regards
  13. Wookiee, Appreciate the listen, glad to hear the sample libraries are not obvious. Been listening to John Barry and some of the other film composers to study their arrangements and style to figure out how to best use East West Opus and other sample libraries. Fun stuff, kind of like building ships in bottles:) Regards
  14. Thank you Nigel, appreciate the listen.
  15. Wookie, Super relaxing track, I feel like I just took a vacation listening to this. The way you keep the theme going at the end while still picking up the pace with the drums is really well executed. Your palette of sounds is well chosen. Regards
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