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  1. markno999


    Thought the production was pretty cool, then listened through headphones and got a whole new experience. What you have done with the spaces is quite exceptional. Had to have a couple listens through:) Could definitely hear this in a movie or TV show soundtrack. Regards
  2. Nice, like the song, performance, groove, mix, etc... It is quite amazing to me how you all play off each other even though this is an Internet collab. I wouldn't worry about polishing "mistakes." If they are there it is not anything obvious. Having looked at pro-mix multi-tracks over the years I am actually surprised the number of mistakes that exist when you solo instrument tracks or vocal performances. If you took away the collection of performance (groove, articulation, etc.) and mistakes (timing, bad note, noise bleed, etc) away it wouldn't be the same song. I guess that is why I don't listen to newer music that is perfected to the point of sterility:) Great work. Regards
  3. Bat, Good song, very solid performance. I found myself humming this one after it was over:) Super catchy and superbly fun. Regards
  4. markno999

    Time to Fly

    Tim, Great track, what a way to start a Monday morning:) Will look forward to having a look through the demo project, fun stuff. Excellent example of how constraints don't limit good songwriters or musicians, i.e., I only have 4 tracks, don't have the right equipment, don't have good enough plugins, I only have a drum take from 2015, etc.... In many cases, and I have certainly been guilty of this, people obsess over things only they will notice or that don't really matter. Just hit record and see what happens:) In the regard, I kind of miss using tape. You certainly proved that you can write a great song around a good drum performance, and a great mix using stock DAW plugins. Fantastic work. Regards
  5. Jeff, Nice work. Cool retro vibe and well mixed. I could hear a Steve Stevens style guitar in a jam like this. Excellent. Regards
  6. Nice one Bat. Tele sounds really good, I have a Tele and absolutely love it, it is a very versatile guitar. Great listen. Didn't hear the first mix but this one sounds good. Regards
  7. Nigel, Great song, performance and production. Equally good video and quite entertaining. Regards
  8. Would have a hard time discerning from the original. Recording is a little cleaner, more modern, but it sounds very much like the original. Surprising how you are able to capture Ozzy's tone and vibe, I have never heard anyone really come close. Really good listen. Regards
  9. Pricey but quite excellent. Just picked Envolution on sale for $108. Looks like Sonnox still has a sale going on their website at around $100USD. Any transient designer should work for the purpose described. Regards
  10. KSband, Nice track, really shines when the sax comes in. Super relaxing track. Try a Transient Designer on the Bass to shorten up the sustain, give it a bit more punch and clarity. May be much easier correction than EQ'ing. Oxford Envolution would be a good option for this task. Regards
  11. Nice jam Rik. Sounds a bit Santana'ish. Guitar tone is great. Regards
  12. Rik, Glad to see you back and better yet, playing. I like your track, some very good noodling you got going on. Hope to hear more in the future and that you are doing well. Regards
  13. markno999

    Nothing to Me

    Nigel, Really awesome song,mix and overall production. Had a few listens through and quite enjoyed it. Cool video, although I hope you didn't pay the lady's boyfriend/love interest too much as his performance was very wooden:) Regards
  14. Very well done. The harmonies are beautiful and the timing is spot on. Regards
  15. That was good fun and well produced. You kind of left the audience hanging though, did you ever find a decent cup of coffee? My guess is not. After a few weeks in Oz had a rough time with the coffee back here:) Regards
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