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Using a midi expression controller for BiasFx2 in cakewalk


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I got a Line 6 FBV Express midi foot controller, it has a vol/wah pedal and 4 assignable foot switches. I was hoping to control my BiasFx2 plugin with it, mostly wanted to use the Wah wah pedal effects it has. I have been trying for 2 days to get it to work but I can't get the plugin to receive any midi. This plugin has a stand alone on my desktop too, and it works on there, just not in cakewalk. Strangely I did get one of my organ plugins to work with it using my fishman midi guitar system and the Line 6 pedal, I can switch the Leslie off and on.

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I do not have the plug-in or hardware to test.

To control any FX plug-in that accepts MIDI input. the plug-in requires

  • Enable MIDI Input selected in the VST drop down in the standard header above the plug-in UI.WBoEAIf.png
  • A MIDI track with
    • its input set to the device sending the MIDI data,
    • its output set to the plug-in and
    • input echo enabled.

The plug-in may require some configuration too, such as mapping the incoming controller data to functions in the plug-in.

Note: Soft synth have "Enable MIDI Input" selected by default, effects do not. Effects that cannot use MIDI data have "Enable MIDI Input" disabled.


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I just did that but it didn't work, I then configured a midi track with the Line6 as input and Biasfx as output (I had to configure Biasfx as a synth first to do this). Now the pedal moves in the Bias plugin on the other track but it's not making the recorded track Wah wah, not changing the sound.

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There is no need to ever configure an FX as a synth. This option goes back a long way but has not been necessary since 2013.

All that effectively does is automatically turn on "Enable MIDI Input" at the cost of removing the FX from the FX plug-in layouts and adding the plug-in to the synth layouts.


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