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Vember Audio Surge synthesizer

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If you run Surge in Cakewalk, you may find that the UI zoom feature is broken. and crops part of the interface when scaled.

A workaround is to first open up a Komplete Kontrol plug-in instance in Cakewalk.

Then open Surge as a plug-in within KK.

The zoom feature works well then. Other DAWs except for FL don't seem to have this problem.

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There is a UI zoom work-around for surge in Cakewalk.
Use any working zoom host (s.a. Savihost), zoom surge to what you like. Save as default zoom.
Now, when you open surge in cakewalk, it's zoomed correct to that zoom.

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On 7/15/2019 at 11:32 AM, scook said:

The Surge team is also working on creating Surge modules for VCVRack.

I'm a noob with VCVRack and racks in general, but I have had a working synth setup with some basic default modules in VCVRack, starting with the MIDI-CV input module, through VCO, VCF, ADSR, MIXER, and finally the AUDIO-8 output module. Baby steps, ha!

Thanks to @scook I've also successfully added the Surge Modules to my library.  Then first new project - swapped in the Surge OSC, the Surge Biquad (filter), and the Surge ADSR for the respective basic modules.

Then I tried the Surge WTOSC (wavetable). Good fun! Many more options for sound shaping with these modules than the basic VCVRack VCO and VCF.

Good times. I think this could become a very deep rabbit hole, so I will try hard to resist temptation to dig further! xD

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