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How to repair a Cakewalk installation with missing or damaged Microsoft redistributables

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Cakewalk relies on a proper installation of various Microsoft runtime libraries for several components (as do many other Windows programs). You can read more about the Microsoft redistributables here.
While the Cakewalk application only uses the latest runtime libraries, there are other components and plugins that may utilize earlier libraries. Hence the Cakewalk installer additionally installs some of the older versions of these libraries that are used by certain known modules and plugins.

Occasionally the Microsoft runtime libraries installation may get damaged by installing other programs (or even Windows update itself!) by  installing incompatible components or removing necessary runtime components that are required for proper operation of Cakewalk. If this happens. the typical symptoms are crashes or hangs on starting Cakewalk or opening a project.

A clean install of Cakewalk will always install the necessary components required for proper operation of the program, and typically restore normal operation. However, its not always convenient to reinstall the application, so we've built a new redistributable installer to help repair a system that doesn't contain all the necessary runtime libraries. You may download the new redistributable installer here.

Running this installer will reinstall all required runtime library dependencies and should in most cases be able to recover from a damaged installation.


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6 minutes ago, Brost said:

Hello I have hard times reinstalling cakewalk, i installed the new installer but i still cannot install cake walk with band lab , it just propose to update...

Was the registry cleaned after uninstalling?

If not, this must be done to perform a full install from either the Cakewalk Web Installer or BandLab Assistant.

The step to clean the registry is part of the clean install instruction.

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also cant launch either the cakewalk or pro tools icons ...tried fresh clean with both to no avail......it happened right after jan 1st midnight ...my clock was set to 2064  so i reset the clock and i was never able to launch ...very strange ......so im not really wanting to reinstall windows or reformat ....if something simple ...also i downloaded the fix driver for redistributale  for cakewalk above this forum ...no good ....i understand lately that ilok cloud has had issues with pro tools so i checked licences ...no problem there ....nothing launches ....also checked my vst and uninstalled any demo plugins like air or other.....what can be effecting only cakewalk and pro tools ....magix demo is still working fine .......help please ok .....thanks 

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On 1/8/2023 at 7:02 PM, chris tarrkanian said:

.....what can be effecting only cakewalk and pro tools ....magix demo is still working fine

What likely happened is that when you installed the Magix demo, its installer installed their generic ASIO driver, which is known to cause problems with Cakewalk (and from the looks of it, Pro Tools). If you uninstall your Magix demo, my guess is that Cakewalk (and likely, PT) will start working again.

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